"an artist should not fall in love with another artist."

"an artist should not fall in love with another artist."

The theme of the second issue on November 4, 2013 is about Love quot; & one Artist should not fall in Love with another Artist & quot;If I should m


quot; an artist should not fall in love with another artist\ & quot;

If I should meet you,after long years.

How should I greet.

With silence,with tears.

in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Abramovich met her soul mate Ulei, a performing artist from West Germany. Coincidentally, both were born on the same day. This love achieved the peak of their performance art. They began to work together to implement a series of double performances related to gender meaning and the concept of time and space. They dress up as twins, call themselves "conjoined creatures" and have complete trust in each other. The "relationship Series" and "Space Series" they jointly created in the late 1970s are all performance art works with wide influence all over the world.

in the performance of the Dead self, the two put their mouths together and inhale each other's exhaled gas. Seventeen minutes later, their lungs were filled with carbon dioxide and fell unconscious on the floor. The purpose of this performance is to explore the destructive ability of one person to "absorb" the life of another.

in Infinite things in 1977, Abramovich and Ulei stood naked at the entrance to a gallery in Bologna, Italy, and audiences could only enter the museum through the narrow space between them. The only thing that can be decided by the audience is whether they want to face the naked Wuli or the naked Roman Abramovich. In life, human beings will not only be affected by all kinds of disasters from nature, but also hindered by human beings themselves. Just like the relationship between them, it will be estranged by the intervention of others, making it impossible for them to contact and communicate for a while.

potential is the work of Abramovich and Wulei across Europe in 1980. The two men stood face to face and looked intently at each other, holding a taut bow in their hands and a poisonous arrow in Wulei's hand, facing Abramovich's heart. Because the tension of the bow and arrow tilted their body rhythm back, they were not careful, the poison arrow would shoot off the string, and what was heard through the loudspeaker was the rapid beating of their hearts. The whole work lasts four minutes and ten seconds.

in 1976, Abramovich and Wulei's behavioral work "Relations in Space" made them even more famous. Abramovich and Ulei are naked, and in order to produce better results in a collision, the sound of a physical collision is transmitted through loudspeakers. Wulei and Abramovich started from 20 meters apart, trotted towards each other, simply brushed, returned to the same place, collided more fiercely again and again, and half an hour later, Abramovich was knocked to the ground. They do not want the work to be a contest of strength and determination, but to maintain a balance in a relatively mild violence. In January of the following year, they performed an upgraded version of "obstacles in Space" and ran to each other naked, but there was a 1.5m thick wall between them, which seemed to be the only way for them to meet. Forty-five minutes later, Abramovich left the venue, but Wulei did not know it and continued to Tackle. In the summer, the couple performed another upgraded version of "expanding Space" in an underground parking lot: two 4-meter-long pillars 3 meters apart, straight against the ceiling, standing back-to-back in the middle, crashing into the posts again and again.

during that period, the relationship between Abramovich and Wulei was as inseparable as conjoined creatures with different heads. This "symbiotic" artistic career lasted 12 years and finally came to an end. Abramovich hopes to end this "relationship full of mystery, energy and charm" in a romantic way. In 1988, the art couple collaborated on their last work, the Lover-the Great Wall, which lasted three months in China. Abramovich set out from Shanhaiguan on the Bohai Sea and walked from east to west. Wuli walked more than 4000 kilometers from west to east from Jiayuguan in the Gobi Desert in western China, and finally waved goodbye at the meeting in Erlang Mountain in Shanxi Province.

since the breakup of the Great Wall, Wuli disappeared from the performance art world until he appeared on a chair opposite Abramovich at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in March 2010.

"gaze", in this two-and-a-half-month exhibition, Abramovich sat still for 716 hours and received 1500 strangers staring at him. Abramovich placed a wooden table and two wooden chairs in the museum's atrium. She sat on one of the wooden chairs, dressed in a long dress covering her feet and a long black hair that fell freely, and looked speechless with the visitors on the opposite chair. She always looked straight ahead, expressionless, and the whole face showed a strange pallor. Some people yelled at her, some wept silently, some tried to fight silence with silence, some people proposed to her on the spot in the same clothes as her, and someone suddenly took off their clothes in front of her, naked, trying to arouse the slightest reaction from her. She accepted the challenge of looking into the eyes of more than 1500 viewers. The people who looked at her were men, women, young people, old people, some crying, some laughing, some fidgeting, some quiet, some provoking her, some asking her to marry him, and she remained motionless. Some people sat opposite her for only a few seconds before they broke down and burst into tears. Baranka, a 48-year-old makeup artist, described the experience of staring at her: "when you stare at her, you feel other people, but you no longer see them, just you and her, and you become part of her performance." People even set up a website called "Abramovich makes me cry" to share the experience.

however, there is only one exception, who appears to be like a sculpture.She trembled and burst into tears.

this is Ulei, Abramovich's boyfriend of 22 years. When Wuli unexpectedly appeared on the chair opposite Abramovich, she burst into tears and stretched out her hands to hold Ulay.

the Lover-the Great Wall is the last work of the artistic couple, and it actually became a ceremonial ceremony for them to break up. It is said that the reason for their breakup was "differences between artistic concepts and life". Later, Marina had the desire to come to the Great Wall again, but she still did not make the trip until 2002. She said she did not have the strength to come to China again, and she did not know whether she would do so in the future.

"I was Abramovich's assistant." when someone introduced himself to Ulei, Wulei replied, "I used to be, too." However, the whole world knows that between Abramovich's two husbands: Wuli is basically her only and irreplaceable partner, lover, confidant and enemy.

she once said, "an artist should not fall in love with another artist."

but in contrast, there is another saying, "artists should regard love as life."

the above text comes from China time and Shenzhen Radio and Television Group.

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Marina Abramovic performance Art:

1974 "Rhythm 0" Rhythm 0

this is her most famous performance art performance. She tried live interaction for the first time. Spectators can choose 72 dangerous props, including guns, kitchen knives and whips, to do whatever they want to her, and Abramovich will not fight back. Tears welled up in her eyes until someone put a loaded pistol against her head. "this experience has made me realize that once you leave the decision to the audience, they will kill you." ("if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you")

1975 "role Exchange" Role exchange

1975 "Thomas's lips" Thomas Lips  1977 "Light and Dark" Light Dark

1977 "Spatial relationship" Relation in Space

1977 "limitless things" Imponderabilia

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1978 "incisions"-Incision

1978 "inhale" Breathing in Breathing out

1980 "potential" Rest-Energy

1988 " Including plays, experiments, stage plays, and so on.

until 22 years later, Wu Lei appeared in her "staring" work.