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It was also in June that Mishima began to bid farewell to others. 

After his death, many people recalled their last meeting or conversation with Mishima, vaguely remembering that Mishima had some words that should have made them aware that something was wrong. 

For example, producer Fujii received a call from Mishima in the middle of the night asking about the possibility of "the Etiquette of Love and death" entering the Milan Film Festival. 

Mishima doesn't usually call so late. 

At this time, he was supposed to be writing at his desk in his study. 

Even weirder, he talked for 20 minutes on the phone, reviewing the production process of the film. 

Fujii was slightly surprised but only realized after the event. 

At the end of the conversation, Mishima said "good-bye" instead of the usual "see you later". 

Other friends are also invited to have a drink or dinner all of a sudden. 

In June alone, Mishima hosted six or seven critics and writers, including three of his most respected people-Ishikawa, Taichung Taichung, and Abe Kobo (all leftists who agreed not to talk about politics with each other after Mishima founded the Shield). 

In late July, Mishima hosted his friend, Ida of NBC, at a banquet in Hampshire, where he suddenly asked if Ida thought it would be "big news" if he died. 

Ida thinks it will. 

Mishima asked, "if I decide to commit suicide by laparotomy, can you broadcast it live?" 

For a moment, Ida thought Mishima might be serious, but Mishima immediately burst out laughing, and Ida laughed, too. 

But Mishima is serious. 

Just like the narcissistic Zang in the House of Jingzi, there must be a certain consciousness in his heart that there is no difference between death as a reality and as a never-ending drama scene. 

On August 1, Mishima and his family went to the Shimada seaside for a holiday. 

Here, Mishima completed the last volume of the Sea of abundance-the five declines of Heaven and Man. 

No one doubts that the continuous publication only began in July, and he actually started more than a year earlier than he announced, and those who should have been worried because of their closeness-Yoko, Xintian, and perhaps Muramatsu-all decided that he would not make any major moves until he finished the quadrilogy. 

It is hard to imagine how Mishima could speed up the completion of his masterpiece at a time when he was planning to die. 

The chapters of his last volume were written in a state of distraction. 

Excessive tension damaged his body. 

After Mishima returned to Tokyo, Shizuji noticed that he was haggard. 

Mishima admitted that he was exhausted and told his mother that this was the last time he went to the fields with his family for a holiday. 

In late August, Mishima summoned his comrades to discuss who else in the shield meeting could participate in their plan. 

Xiao Xianghe feels strongly that only Hsiang-ho (known as "Da Xianghe" in the shield meeting) can be trusted, and Mishima also feels the same way. 

Kanagawa recently graduated from Kanagawa University. In his first year of college, he wrote to a friend in his hometown of Hokkaido, asking him to read an important novel written by Yukio Mishima, "worrying about the country." 

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He wrote that the protagonist in the novel revealed the direction he intended to follow for the rest of his life.