Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-7

The declaration insists that the "shameful" constitution must be amended to restore the original status of the self-Defense Forces so that it exists as a national army rather than a guard force. It laments the "tragic day" when it was declared in October 1969 that the self-Defense Forces were armed to defend the Constitution. 

Until now, the self-Defense Forces have always been "constitutional outcasts." 

From that day on, "We listened with eagerness and breath, but in the self-Defense Forces, no one finally stood up to disobey orders, but humiliated and humiliated to defend this constitution that denied its existence." 

At the end of the declaration, it calls for: 

Over the past year, we have been looking forward to it. 

We have lost patience with those who commit suicide. 

But let's wait another thirty minutes, the last thirty minutes. 

Stand up and join us in sacrificing our lives for righteousness and martyrdom. 

We will recreate the true face of Japan and lay down our lives for it. 

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Who can put up with a world where the spirit is dead and only wants to pay attention to the whole life? 

In a few minutes, we will show you what the higher value is. 

It is not freedom or democracy, it is Japan, and this land contains our cherished history and traditions. 

Is it true that none of you is willing to die to resist the Constitution? 

This constitution destroys what we cherish most. 

If there is such a person, let us come forward and die together. 

We know that your souls are pure, and we strongly hope that you will summon up the courage to be real men, real warriors, and hope to prompt us to take this action. 

Morita and others adopted the manifesto without objection. 

Then they set a rough schedule for that day: after detaining the commander of the division, it would take 20 minutes for the division to assemble; 30 minutes for the three islands to speak according to the manifesto; five minutes for each of the other four; to give orders to the Shield for five minutes; to announce the dissolution of the Shield (because this operation must be once and for all and will not be repeated), and finally shouted long live to the Emperor. 

On October 20, Mishima came to Shinayama's studio to make the final choice for the series "the death of one Man" with contact with prints. 

He was accompanied by Morita in military uniform. 

Shinayama saw that Mishima used a grease pencil to mark the photos he wanted to use in the photography series, all tragic scenes of unnatural death. Mishima kept asking Morita for advice. 

The next day, under the pretext of sending a book from Mishima, Morita and Okushima came to the commander's office to check whether he was in the office on the 25th and found that he would go out. 

When Mishima heard the news, they decided to detain the division commander following the original plan, because it was too late to postpone time. 

In the evening, he made an appointment to visit the commander of Masada at 11:00 on the 25th. 

The next day, Morita and others bought ropes for kidnapping, wire, and pliers for blocking the door of the chief's office, canvas, kettles, and brandy to excite themselves from the "requirements" hanging from the office platform. 

On his way home in the evening, Morita asked Daxiang to act for him in case he could not perform the beheading ceremony after the cut-off of Mishima. 

Daxiang agreed to come down.