Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-3

In the same week in April, Mishima began to take care of things quietly. 

Under the pretext that the "Sea of abundance" could not be completed on time (in fact, it was already out of draft), please transfer to Shintianhee "no longer have to think about" the plan they had discussed. 

These plans include a novel based on the life of the famous court poet Ting Fujiwara and some pornographic literature. 

This sudden change puzzled Xintian, and he asked nervously about the diary that Mishima often mentioned that he was going to publish one day. 

Mishima said with a smile that he had decided to burn the diary. 

In early May, Mishima told Muramatsu that he was going to resign from the Japanese Culture Seminar Council and recommended that the magazine they co-edited be closed. 

He did not explain this, which made Muramatsu very angry. 

That's what Mishima hoped, and he began to sever some of the ties he still maintained with the literary world. 

In mid-May, Mishima held a meeting at home. 

At the meeting, he suggested to his deputies that it would be best to challenge Morita following the plan drawn up by Morita last October, that is, to occupy Congress together with the Ground Self-Defense Forces and demand that the constitution be amended. 

However, he believes that the self-Defense Forces may be unreliable, so they must be prepared to act on their own. He suggested that the Shigu Division be forced to assemble teams by occupying the ammunition depot and threatening to blow it up, or by taking the commander of the division hostage after the troops were assembled. They can make impassioned statements to win the soldiers to participate in the march into Congress. 

At the second meeting held at the Okura Hotel, they agreed that a more effective way was to detain the head of the division. 

Mishima suggested luring him to attend the second-anniversary parade of the Shield in November, and then act on camera. 

At the third meeting held at the Mountain Hotel on 21 June, Mishima reported that he had obtained permission from the commander of the division to conduct military exercises on the helicopter ground of the Shibuya base in November. 

As the heliport is far from the office of the commander of the division, he suggested that the deputy of the commander of the division be detained instead. 

It was agreed at the meeting that only Japanese long swords could be used and that another car was needed to be driven by Xiao Xianghe. 

Mishima provides long swords. 

In June, Mishima met with his lawyer and transferred the rights to "Mask confession" and "Hunger and thirst of Love" to Jingzhi. 

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It was a careful choice. 

"confession" steadily sells about 100000 copies a year, and it is second only to "Jin GE Temple". It is also a selected book with regular income. 

Relatively speaking, "Hunger and thirst for Love" is not so popular. 

Therefore, no one can say that Mishima transferred the richest property to his mother. in addition, these two books were written before his marriage. they are Mishima's first and second novels since he became a professional writer. 

Jingzhi is bound to feel deeply about these two books, but they don't have much personal significance to Yoko.