Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-9

Daxiang he, armed with a dagger, guarded their prisoners, while others blocked three entrances to the office with sundries. 

It's 11:20. 

Almost at the same time, the adjutants in the next office heard the noise and tried to break in. 

Mishima ordered them to go away, or he would kill the division commander; then he stuffed the "request" under the door. 

There are four requirements: (1) before 12:00 at noon, gather the entire eastern brigade of the ground self-Defense Force in front of the General Supervision Building; (2) "quietly listen" to the speeches of the three islands and the short presentations of the four cadets; and (3) gather the shield members gathered at the Shield Guild Hall to listen to the speeches of the three islands and four other people. 

(IV) do not take any tough action or carry out any interference from 11:00 to 13:10. 

Otherwise, Mishima will kill the division commander immediately and commit suicide by laparotomy. 

The so-called "interference" includes "poison gas, water, brigades, glare, speeches through loudspeakers, negotiation attempts, and any psychological offensive." 

If all these requirements are met, they will release the commander of Masada safely within two hours. 

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The last one is much like a replica of a famous saying by the leaders of the mutiny in February, that any discussion is unthinkable. 

According to Mishima: 

With regard to the above requirements. 

A: no modification is considered. 

B: without any explanation. 

C: do not answer any questions. 

D: do not accept any negotiation or dialogue. 

About 10 minutes later, the officer in charge decided that Mishima's move was not a child's play. 

At the same time, more than a dozen junior officers made several attempts to break through the obstacles and rush into the office. 

Mishima and Morita fought them back with swords, and during the trial, the defendant confirmed that Mishima had "stabbed" each other's arms and legs with swords, but did not hack them in order to hurt anyone. 

In any case, seven people were wounded by him and Morita's sword. 

After that, the senior officer drank back the men and agreed to assemble the team. 

It's 11:35. 

In the process, Ida and Degang arrived at the City Valley Guild Hall at about 11:00. 

Before the Mishima Gao family, call them and ask them to wait in the foyer with their cameras and armbands. 

Ida had a bad feeling that before he left, he told his wife that he might be hit by a stray bullet and die. 

At the clubhouse, the two reporters met for the first time, and although they had known Mishima for two and a half years, they waited in the foyer until 11:20, when someone from the Shield Society, as instructed on the phone, came downstairs from the third floor of their assembly, but he did not know what had happened. 

After Ida and Degang confirmed their identity, he handed over two envelopes forwarded to them, each containing a copy of the statement, a commemorative photo and a letter with the same content. 

This letter shows the precision and foresight of Mishima. 

There were no details in the letter so as not to affect the two journalists. 

I will come straight to the point. 

I ask you to put down your work and come here, not to publicize myself. 

Because this will happen in the ground self-Defense Forces, I am worried that someone will hide the truth of the matter or cover up our true intentions. 

In addition, no one can predict success or failure until the last minute, and when the press learns the news, if anything forces us to give up our plan, it will have serious consequences. Therefore, in the favor of our friends, we take the liberty of making the following unkind request. 

Everything I have to say has been written into the declaration, which is also the outline of the speech I will deliver. 

As to how to make this speech, I am afraid I am not in a position to make it clear at the moment. 

Unless something happens, for the sake of safety, please stay in the lobby of the City Valley Guild Hall and do not try to contact the Director-General of the ground self-Defense Forces. 

On the third floor of the clubhouse, Shield members are holding monthly meetings, and they are unaware of the plan. 

If they are ordered by the self-Defense Forces or the police to go elsewhere, something must have happened. 

At that time, please wear armbands, it seems that by chance to enter the city valley base, they will know everything, perhaps, on the roof of the clubhouse, you can also see some clues. 

In any case, please understand that this is only a small accident, purely personal fun. 

Attach the declaration and the photo of our team to avoid being detained by the police. 

Please keep it properly for free publication. 

It is kindly requested that no abridgement be made in the publication of this declaration. 

We expect the incident to last two hours. 

But in the meantime, anything can happen and we are on the verge of success. 

This may seem crazy to others, but I hope you can understand that as far as we are concerned, these actions are entirely out of concern for our country. 

If anything changes and forces me to give up my plan, I will be back at the City Valley Guild Hall by 11:40 at the latest, in which case, I will thank you for returning this letter, as well as the declaration and photos, and ask you to forget all this. 

Finally, please do not directly inform my family before the matter is over. 

Please forgive me for being bossy. 

I just hope that our intentions can be truthfully reflected to the public. 

Please don't overdo the inconvenience. 

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the friendship I have felt over the past two and a half years. 

Grass this.