Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-6

In the first week of November, Mishima designed and arranged a retrospective of his photography entitled "Yukio Mishima" at Dongwu Department Store. 

The film festival began with pictures of babies he found in dusty family albums, which have continued year by year, including several from "the demise of a Man." 

There are a lot of nude photos among them. 

Curiosity about the "obscene" film festival drove a large audience to see it, which lasted for a week. 

Mishima decorated the showroom in black and formed four "rivers" with photos. 

The first is the River of Books. 

In the photo catalog, he wrote, "those anxious nights, those desperate, discouraging moments, are all for these books, if they are sealed in my memory, I will go crazy." 

Then there is the river of the stage, then the river of the flesh, and finally the river of action. 

This is a terrible river through the jungle. 

Crocodiles and Bella fish haunt it, and poisonous arrows from the enemy base fly across it. 

The river collided head-on with the river of books. 

It is one thing to talk about the double life of pen and sword, but only at the moment of death can the two be truly integrated. 

But in this river, there are tears, blood, and sweat that have never been smelled in the river of books. 

Here, there is no need for language, there is contact of the soul, which makes it an extremely dangerous river. 

But only feel its irresistible, is a man. 

The four rivers were scheduled to flow into the "Sea of abundance", but at the time, no one knew how the last volume would end. 

In this case, the implications are somewhat complicated and confusing. 

In the last chapter of the five declines of grown-ups, the quadrilogy suddenly becomes vague, and the reality in the book is like a dream. 

Therefore, what Mishima seems to show to himself at the film festival is that, so far, on the shore of death, his whole life is just an illusion, without any substance. 

In fact, in an article for the newspaper in July, he said the same thing: "reflecting on my life over the past 25 years (that is, since 1945), I was shocked by its emptiness. 

I can hardly say that I have lived. " 

It's more than that. 

On the first day of the opening ceremony, Mishima carefully examined the inscription under the photo (this was the last time Xintian saw him). 

As they walked out the door, Mishima asked Xinda if he thought the time was ripe for his complete works to be published soon. 

Xintian is not sure, and Mishima certainly knows that the time is ripe much earlier than his publisher thought, and he will try to make it happen. 

What he wants to say is that he wants the complete works to include not only his works but also tapes and photos of all his works and even the positive film of the Etiquette of Love and death. 

Xintian pointed out that it is impossible to promote such a complete collection as a package. 

But Mishima insists that a "complete collection" must include everything about him. 

Sublime in their elegance, plus size gothic wedding dresses make your appearance regally glittery. Don’t be shy, just click the button and sit back to enjoy a grand shopping experience!

In the photo exhibition, he put his whole life into this final work. 

Throughout his life, he always fantasized about his structure as his masterpiece. 

At this point, he seemed to have a premonition that he could get what he wanted by committing suicide by laparotomy. 

On the 18th, he wrote, "the murderer (the artist, that is, himself) knows that only by being killed can he be perfected and realized." 

On November 14, Mishima met with other people again in the misty sauna to discuss the declaration he had drafted and seek their consent. 

The manifesto began by asking, "what drives us to take this futile action?" 

It is our love for the self-Defense Forces, and you are the only blessed place on this cold permafrost. 

To see Japan drowning in prosperity and spiritually dispirited. 

It is distressing for people to despise the history and traditions of Japan. 

We believe that only the Self-Defense Forces protect the real Japan, the real Japanese, and the real samurai spirit. 

When you wake up, Japan will wake up with it.