Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-5

On September 1, Koshira and Morita met at a coffee shop in Shinjuku, asking him to "give up his life." 

Morita only told him that Mr. Mishima was going to raise a case in Shibuya. 

Daxiang he bowed to his comrades and thanked them for their introductions. 

On September 9, Mishima invited Daxianhe to dinner at a French restaurant in Ginza, telling him that it was "impossible" for the self-Defense Forces to cooperate with them. 

Daxiang he immediately understood that Mishima was telling him about the plan called "laparotomy". 

He expressed his determination to sacrifice his life into benevolence and asked if there was still time to allow him to go to Hokkaido for a final farewell. 

Mishima told him that the time was set for November 25, and that he had better leave in early October and gave him half of his travel expenses. 

In mid-September, Mishima asked young photographer Noriyuki Sasayama to use him as a model to shoot the first part of a photography series entitled "the demise of one Man." 

This series is inspired by Mishima, and the scene is designed by Mishima. 

They include the three islands stuck in a quagmire, the head of the three islands wedged into a hatchet, the three islands crushed under the wheels of a truck, and of course, like San Sebastian, the arms are tied to the tree trunk, and the arrow chain cannot penetrate into the ribs and armpits. 

The photos were originally intended to be published in a magazine called Bixuehongmei, but after Mishima's death, Sasayama no longer had the heart to make them public. 

What disturbed him most was a picture he had taken as a joke: Mishima sitting naked on the floor with a dagger in his belly. 

Shinayama stood behind him, his sword hanging high, waiting for the signal of beheading. 

What is Mishima thinking? 

At this moment, did he confuse the gory drama with the truth, and when he really died, he still thought it was just another more thrilling pose? 

In the process of planning and filming each scene, the only impression he got was that Mishima was extremely serious and that he was the "most picky but most cooperative" model he had ever met. 

On October 19, the day after Okushima returned from his trip to Hokkaido, Mishima took a group photo solemnly, and Mishima's choice of photographer coincided with his grand idea: Tojo Studio was first famous as a photographer for the generals of the Meiji era. 

The tone of the photo, including people's posture and the old-fashioned chair, is based on the Meiji Restoration. 

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On November 3, Mishima told Ogawa and Okihiro in the misty Sauna bathroom in Jiememi that they should be responsible for the safe release of the hostages (and he was not prepared to confess the incident by caesarean section) and tied up his hands to make an arrest in order to demonstrate the spirit of the shield in court. 

Daxiang he later testified that this was a difficult moment, and he was willing to die calmly, even after saying goodbye to Hokkaido, but now he wants to save his life. 

Morita comforted him and the others, assuring them, "death can't separate us, we will meet again." 

Later, he told his comrades that it would be "the ultimate expression of friendship" to "make a mistake" for him (that is, to listen to his signal and cut off his head after he cut off the head of Mishima and committed suicide by laparotomy).