Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-8

Over the next two days, Mishima and others conducted drills in a room overlooking the Palazzo Hotel of the Imperial Palace. 

Mishima Quan acts as the head of the division. 

They also wrote down their demands on canvas and cut headbands with the words "loyalty to the country" (denying all outdated notions of individuality). 

On the afternoon of the 24th, everyone wrote a "life poem" in the form of a traditional 31-tone short song. 

Although the two people in the plan, Shanghai and Ogawa, should survive, it is always possible that something unpredictable will happen and maybe everyone will be killed. 

Mishima wants everyone to do whatever they want, write down what comes to mind, and don't worry about skills. 

When they were ready to make a formal transcript, Mishima embellished it for them. 

At 4 o'clock, they left the hotel and came to a small restaurant near Xinqiao to make the last toast with beer. 

Ogawa and Oxiang stayed with Oshima at his home in Tozuka, and Morita returned to his apartment in Shinjuku. 

Mishima also returned home. 

It has been about a year since Mishima decided to die with Morita, and eight months have passed since he began to make a death plan. 

During that time, he quickly ended countless obligations and was careful not to make any new commitments. 

No one knows, Mishima quietly closed his bank account. 

There are some final preparations. 

Mishima called reporters Ida and Token to tell him that he wanted to meet them tomorrow and asked where he could find them between 10:00 and 10:05 tomorrow morning. 

Then he sat down to write a letter. 

Did he write to Donald in New York first? 

Kim and Ivan? 

Morris, who asked them to take care of the translator of the Sea of abundance, had reason to worry about it. 

Next, he wrote more than a dozen letters, leaving last words to all kinds of people in different positions in his life. 

Whether it was written to Yoko or not is unknown, but one letter was written to his parents and the other to a shield member named Cangmao instructing him to dissolve the shield. 

There was also a long letter left to his intelligence agent, Izawa Jinwan. 

According to Jing Ze, the letter wrote: "Please put my body in a shield uniform, white gloves, and swords used by soldiers, and then be sure to take a picture." 

My family may object, but I want to leave evidence that I died not as a writer but as a samurai. " 

Zi quoted a similar passage in the family letter: "I have said goodbye to my literary career." 

I died not as a writer but as a samurai, so please embed the word "Wu" in my ring name. 

There is no need for the word 'Wen' to appear. " 

Mishima spent his whole life dancing and writing every day, even on this last night, and these words came from his mouth! 

At about 10 o'clock, Mishima crossed the platform and came to his parent's room, earlier than he usually showed up. 

Jingzhi asked him if he had finished his work early. 

Mishima replied that he was "too tired" and Jingzhi urged him to go to bed immediately. 

Mishima nodded and said good night to her. 

He said good night to Zi, who was reading in the next room and then left through the sliding door opened on the platform. Morita left Shinjuku just after 9: 00 a. M. on the 25th. 

Daxiangha drives a 1966 white sedan that was bought in July for today. 

On the way, they had the car cleaned and arrived at the house in Mishima at 10:15. 

Mishima went out to greet him in a shield uniform, carrying a long sword and two short swords hidden in his briefcase. 

After getting on the bus, he handed Dasanghe an envelope containing 90000 yuan (the US $300) to hire a lawyer, and a letter declaring that he was responsible for the incident and ordered the three cadets to live and faithfully represent Shield to appear in court. 

Oshima and others read Mishima's letter and swore to obey his orders. 

Then they set out. 

Along the way, I passed the elementary department of the school where my daughter studied in Mishima. 

Along the way, Mishima talked and laughed and talked about the music from a police and bandit film staged at the moment. 

He began to hum, and the others responded in unison. 

At 50: 00 in October, they arrived at the Self-Defense Forces headquarters in Shibuya and were immediately introduced to the office of the commander of the Zengtian Division (Lu General) on the second floor. 

Mishima explained that he was wearing a military uniform because today is the day when the Shield will hold a monthly meeting. 

He introduced Morita and his party, saying that they were the young people who would be rewarded at the meeting, and General Yoshida was impressed by their behavior and admired their beautiful military uniforms. 

Then he noticed the long sword in Mishima's hand and asked if it had been "edged". 

Mishima replied in the affirmative. 

The commander of the division asked whether the police allowed him to carry such a weapon. 

Mishima smiled and drew his sword out of his scabbard, explaining that it was a licensed sword built by the famous swordsmen Sun Jiejineng. 

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He turned to Daxianghe and said, "Shanghai, fetch a handkerchief." 

It's a sign of action. 

Daxianghe stood up and moved behind the commander of the division as if handing a handkerchief to Mishima to "wipe" the blade for viewing. 

He came behind the division commander and suddenly grabbed him and covered his mouth with the other hand. Ogawa and Xiao Xianghe jumped up, tied his hands behind his back, tied his legs to the chair, and then stuffed a handkerchief into his mouth, but carefully so that he wouldn't be out of breath.