Yukio Mishima | "do you want to give up this illustrious freedom?"-10

Mishima Yukio. 

And: I only sent another letter with the same content to Tokuoka Takao of Weekly. 

Just after Ida finished reading the letter and browsing the manifesto, he had heard the siren coming from far and near. 

He rushed out of the building with Degang and rushed to the entrance to the General Supervisory Department of the eastern team (the police later arrived to take away the shield). 

800 soldiers from the 32nd regiment have gathered in front of the main building. 

Thirty feet above their heads, on the platform outside the division commander's office, Mishima paced back and forth with swords in hand. 

From time to time he looked up at his watch, and five minutes to midnight, Morita showed up and hung down the cloth slow with their request written down from the platform. 

At midnight sharp, Mishima began to make a speech in front of the crowd below. No one listened to him, and even if some wanted to hear him, they could not hear anything clearly in the noise of others. 

The angry soldier shouted, "get down!" 

"Don't pretend to be a hero!" 

"release the regiment leader!" 

One of the three cadets crouching in the office hinted through the crack in the door that if they did not order the crowd to calm down, they would kill the division commander. 

The order is passed on. 

But to no avail. 

The soldiers were still talking loudly while three helicopters hovered over the heads of the three islands. 

Ironically, they were helicopters deployed by the police, and even though Mishima condemned the SDF for failing to defend its rights as a national army, the SDF turned to the municipal police for support. 

Mishima hurriedly preached the gist of the manifesto and looked at his watch from time to time. 

He had planned to give a speech for 30 minutes, but seven minutes later, he realized that there was no point in doing so. He omitted everything else and made a final appeal to the soldiers to dedicate themselves to him and his comrades. Amid the mockery of the crowd, only his intermittent cry was heard: "lost patience, "wait for another 30 minutes, "sacrifice your life for righteousness, "A real man, a real samurai," of course. 

No one responded. 

Mishima motioned to Morita, and Morita stood on his side, and the two shouted three times, "long live the Emperor!" 

Then suddenly turned and retreated. 

The crowd under the platform suddenly quieted down. 

When Mishima unbuttoned his coat as he entered the room, he only said, "I don't think they even heard me," and then sat on the ground facing the platform. 

Morita stood behind him, slightly to the left, the long sword hanging over his head, Mishima holding the dagger in both hands, humming the blade into the left abdomen, he slowly dragged the blade to the right across his abdomen, and the paper and brush were ready. 

He is going to write the word "sword" with his blood. 

But the severe pain made him fall forward. 

Morita waved his sword at his neck. 

Daxiang congratulated, "do it again!" 

Morita chopped another sword and then shouted "Xiang he" in despair. Daxiang took the sword from his hand and cut off the head of Mishima for the third time. 

Morita knelt and stabbed his belly with a dagger. 

Daxiang stood behind him, listened to him say "wait", and then said, "come on!" 

He cut off Morita's head with one sword. 

The cadets straightened their heads, clapped their hands, and bowed down. 

They took out the handkerchief tucked into the division commander's mouth so that he could nod and greet him, and the cadets immediately burst into grief. 

The commander of the division also urged them to "have a good cry." 

The cadets only loosened the ties on the long legs of the division, explaining that Mishima ordered them to take care of him until he was handed over safely. 

"I will not have any intention," he said. 

Do you want my hands to be tied together when my subordinates see me? " 

The cadets loosened the binding rope in the hands of the commander of the division, led him to the corridor, and handed it to his men. 

Their arms were outstretched and handcuffed. 

The time is 11:20. 

Only Zi was at home, and he learned about the incident from the lunchtime news. 

Yoko sat in a taxi and went to the luncheon. She heard the same report on the radio. 

That night, a large number of people from the press flocked to the houses on the three islands. 

The courtyard in front of the house looks like daylight under the lighting of the TV station. 

The house was dark and the cast iron door was locked. 

A neatly written advertisement on the door declared that only Hiraoka's immediate family members would attend his memorial service, asking people not to give flowers or money. 

Right-wing students dressed in traditional kimonos and trousers walked to the door, bowed to their former home in Mishima, and then drifted away with clogs. 

The body of Mishima was not returned home until 4: 00 p. M. the next day. 

As the crematorium closed at 5 o'clock, there was little time for a final "body farewell". 

Following his last wish, Mishima was changed into a shield uniform and a military sword was laid flat on his chest. at the last minute, Yoko put his fountain pen and some manuscripts in the coffin. 

Only Sugiyanning, the father of Zizi and Yoko, accompanied the coffin to the crematorium. 

The next day, the house was opened to friends from Mishima.