"can I try again?"

"can I try again?"

I really miss you.


in the restaurant where I went to dinner today, Lin Junjie's song has been playing all the time. I guess the boss is a fan of Lin Junjie. When the prelude to "I still miss her" started, I remembered that when I used to sing with you, you liked to order this song, pretending to be heartbreaking, which made me feel funny.

Please tell her /I don't love her /laugh sad /punish myself

I have seen many people who are stubborn to death in their feelings as if to say a word of love, a word of love, a word of thinking is a very difficult thing. They can't let go of face, and they don't dare to reveal their worries to each other.

we all know the probability that two people can like each other at the same time. Most of the time, concealment is just a kind of self-protection, and we are afraid of being disappointed, hurt, and misunderstood. A lot of words, we are afraid to say it, it will become an irreparable wound, always stay in the other party's indifferent eyes at that moment.

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We can all see that Wei likes that boy, and she deliberately turns the topic to that boy when chatting. Once at dinner, someone suggested that Wei would not go to sing after dinner, but the man said that the boy was also there, and Wei immediately changed his mind.

boys should have a crush on Wei, but both of them are so coquettish that they don't communicate in front of everyone, even when singing love songs. Both the boy and Wei are very shy and unwilling to express their feelings. According to the boy's friend, Wei should be the kind of girl that boys like. When we had this affair with Wei, Wei bowed his head and didn't talk.

two people who thought they would have a happy ending ended up in vain because neither of them wanted to say they liked each other. As the lyrics say, "smile silence, self-punishment", who is to blame? blame yourself for not having the courage to speak your mind.

Don't tell him /I still miss him


the reason why we don't say a lot of things, is because of fear, because of timidity, and distrust. Smile and say no pain, no hurt, no sadness, but turning around is more fragile than anyone else.

"Don't tell him that I still have feelings for him. Once he knows I haven't put it down, I lose."

there should be a lot of people who think so, regard feelings as a battlefield, and fight courageously against the enemy, but fear that a moment of weakness will kill the enemy to find your door.

but love is not a battlefield, and lovers are not enemies.

when I hold his hand and hug him, I still feel warm in my heart. I don't want to let him go. I want to stay with him as before. He will smile at you, make witty remarks to you, and joke that your hair is really ugly. When greeting him, there is no sense of security as if he had surrendered, afraid that he would laugh at you and say: ha, you still can't forget me.

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Yes, I still can't forget it. I will think of you singing as soon as the music starts. As soon as I come to that restaurant, I can remember the way you helped me pour hot water. Sitting in the coffee shop, I can remember that you used to keep my favorite taste in mind.

admit it, admit that I still miss you.


I love to face. I don't want to say anything casually and miss you, but I'm afraid you'll laugh at me when I'm too serious. In front of you, I don't have any self-confidence. You hold all my emotions.

"Don't tell him, I miss him."

maybe when you say "I miss you" to him,

he will reply: "me too".