"Don't kid yourself."

"Don't kid yourself."

People can easily fall in love with a person, but it is very difficult to accept a person's non-love, always thinking that feelings are also things that can be exchanged equally, and they can get as much as they pay, and those who believe in them can only slowly get depressed in their own obsession.


do you believe in fate?

is that two people who are not related by blood are brought together because of some opportunity, just like someone tied a thread between them, which will gradually become transparent and blurred over time, and when it disappears completely, it is the time when the fate of the two people is broken.

I remember one time I heard from a friend that I was talking about myself when I was having dinner with you. I asked you hurriedly what you said about me. When a friend said that you were talking about me, he sighed and said that maybe the fate between us is going to be broken.

my friend's tone is so focused on the word "fate" that I still cling to this invisible thing.

there are so many people in the world, and there are so many people who pass by every day, but among so many people, your eyes stay on me and my breath is extinguished in your eyes.

obsession is a terrible thing.

EV told me about his ex-girlfriend on Wechat. He said that he was obedient to his ex-girlfriend and even deleted almost all the members of the opposite sex in Wechat for her sake, but why his ex-girlfriend was still not satisfied, he would still chat with other boys and still feel that EV had not done enough.

he sent me a long list, saying that he was unhappy or unsatisfied, and asked me at the end: did I do something wrong?

how many people have such an obsession with their feelings, because they are disappointed and disappointed over and over again, but they want to pay more to test each other's bottom line, to see how cruel they can be, and to see how much they feel in their hearts.

I told EV that this is your obsession. It's not that he doesn't understand how inappropriate his ex-girlfriend is in the whole thing, but he still hopes to get an answer from others that will at least comfort him. He still seems to believe in the truest side of the relationship.


people can easily fall in love with a person, but it is very difficult to accept that a person does not love them. They always think that feeling can be exchanged equally, and they can get as much as they give. In the end, people who believe in these things can only slowly get depressed in their obsession.

it's hard for us to find out whether a person is relieved or not. Rita always thinks that her ex-boyfriend still likes her, and she has this obsession in her heart, vaguely feeling that her ex-boyfriend is thinking about her, looking for her, and still loves her.

she used one insignificant piece of evidence after another to prove her point, not only to herself but also to convince everyone around her.

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she is always upset by a salty reply; she always thinks too much about a casual life; she rummages through her ex-boyfriend's circle of friends, looking for text pictures that match her.

Rita lives in his obsession, believes that this fate is not broken, believes that there is a full moon.

there is no way to tell whether such a person is happy or unhappy. If you can use these to deceive yourself for the rest of your life, you will probably be happy.

it's easy for people to be happy, turning a blind eye to all the things that will bother you and picking out things that look good and flawless. We all know in our hearts that even the perfect thing will be broken one day, so we smile and wait for the day to collapse.