"good-bye, my love."

"good-bye, my love."

"We can't go on."

-"We can't go on."

I received a text message from my best friend. At 3: 00 in the morning, she called me. On the phone, she choked up and told me that she had long known that there was no result with him, but at first, she promised that she would not look back. Her voice was as weak as silk, and there was a slight tremor coming from the other end of the phone.

girlfriends and boyfriends have been together since their freshman year, and they stumble until graduation and then go to work. Both of them come from ordinary families, each working hard to make a living, and no one can be desperate for love. The two are of the same age. When the boys are on the rise in their careers, the girls have reached the marriageable age, but no one can leave everything around them. She asked me, "if you know that love can not bear fruit, is it wrong for two people to be together in the first place?"

such two people, one like a bird and the other like a sea fish, can live freely in their respective worlds, but once they have decided to be together, the birds will try to touch the sea and the sea fish will venture out of the water.

the lyrics from "Don't think of me": you still love me /there is no reason not to love the result /as long as you dare not to be cowardly /why should we miss it. Let people believe for no reason, as long as the feeling between two people is still there, then the love will bloom undefeated. If you say "I still love you", I will leave everything and run to you.

before we fall in love, we often say that as long as two people love each other, it doesn't matter if they don't get a result. But when the real contradiction grows luxuriantly between two people, the relationship is like being compressed hard in a vacuum, leaving no room for breath.

when Xiao An and Xiao B are together, many people think they are not suitable. The friend said, "you won't end well, believe me." Do not know from what age, we began to pay more and more attention to the results, we will habitually find evidence that two people match each other, and then vowed to tell everyone that we will have a good result.

what is a good result? is marriage a good result? Is it a good result to drag a broken body to maintain a relationship even if you run out of love? There are always people who say that seeking stability, seeking stability, as if stability is the only condition for the success of love.

there are a lot of feelings that do not come to the end, wasted, consumed, and finally dissipated. After all, we are not God, and we can't know the result at the beginning of the story, so what good is it that we love but not? we still have our gentle appearance when we love.

Zhou Xun stood on the overpass in Li Mi's conjecture, her monologue to the camera:

We fell in love in middle school and have been together ever since. Our academic performance is not good,

did not enter the university, he likes to watch martial arts, and fall in love with me.

We are all inconspicuous, no one cares about us, we were all depressed on the day when the college entrance examination was over, and we didn't see each other on that day. He came out of the examination room and spent five yuan.

bought a swimming ticket and spent the whole afternoon in the swimming pool. In the bright sun, he cried for the first time.

then he started his life as a taxi driver. Later he told me that meeting me was the happiest thing of his age.

We are so ordinary that we can no longer be found in the crowd, there are so many familiar and strange faces so like you, and so many familiar and strange faces so like me, but among so many people, only you know me best, and only your love can warm me the most.

red spaghetti strap evening gown make you look glamorous and magnificent. There is no collection like ours.

what makes me sad, you always do it so easily. You know the most fragile one among the complicated branches in my heart. Your gentle touch can make the tears in my heart surge like waves. If someone has to give a reason why I love you, I would probably say: I would rather be with you for even the most short-lived romance than force a stable relationship. I believe that true love exists and I am prepared that love will not bear fruit.