"he is very delicate." | my father is an old left-behind child.

"he is very delicate." | my father is an old left-behind child.

He began to understand that today's father is just an ordinary man held back by the times, but he is also a man who loves us in his own clumsy way.


"How is your relationship with your father?"

the following video, "my father is an old left-behind child", is a father-son conversation. In just a few minutes, it has become a microcosm of how many Chinese fathers and sons.

the son wants to buy insurance for his father, but the father feels that his son is looking forward to his early death.

I had a similar experience. I excitedly bought a massage chair for my father, but when I took it home, I was criticized for wasting my money and buying useless things.

it is obvious that both sides are close to each other, but because of the differences in cognition and expression, the contradiction intensifies and escalates step by step.

the father has always been at odds with his son.

one is seriousness and silence from beginning to end, and the other is rebellion and stubbornness from small to big. Over time, a high wall is slowly built between father and son.

can we still cross this high wall?


at first, when the father heard that his son was going to buy insurance for himself, he said, "thinking about letting me die early so that no one cares about you, right?" he opened his mouth. The era 

is constantly changing, and the generation gap between father and son is getting deeper and deeper.

in the movie "Lao Pao er", Feng Xiaogang's father, Liu Ye, once enjoyed four or nine cities. He was angry and righteous and had the "jianghu atmosphere" that belonged to the old Beijing army compound alone.

that's right. When his son was young, he was sent to prison for his friends.

from then on, the son began to resent his father for neglecting himself and his mother because of the so-called "Brotherhood".

he began to avoid his father, complaining that he grew up, and the most common words he said to him were "I don't need you to care", "what do you know" and "what have you been doing?"

the father felt guilty, but he always refused to change and was ready to fight his son to the end.

Father does not allow his decisions to be questioned, and sons are hesitant about their father's love, as father and son probably do in real life.

you find that you can't communicate with each other, you can't even sit calmly together and watch a TV show, either disagree or be silent with each other.

"conflicts between father and son seem to run through every man's life."


the biggest confusion for children is probably "does my father love me after all?"

his way of disciplining you is always cold and straightforward. He always takes care of you simply and rudely.

but can't we feel the love of a father when the father in the video at the beginning of the article says, "if you're really afraid something's wrong with me, you'll come back?"

"I don't want anything. I just want you to spend more time with me." A father who is not good at expressing love is not unloving.

in the movie "enemies, Father and son", there seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction between the bereaved man Ma Linsheng and his son's carriage.

Ma Linsheng's cowardly, self-righteous and ordinary citizen appearance is shown incisively and vividly in the movie.

the son's carriage looked down on his father, never thanked his father, and even introduced a marriage partner to each other to get rid of each other. His father, Ma Linsheng, was discouraged and vowed never to take care of the son again.

but when the carriage was bullied, Ma Linsheng's love for the calf was instantly ignited, and finally, he was injured by hooligans and admitted to the hospital for the sake of his son.

the carriage ran to the hospital to see his father, and the two finally settled.

through the movie, we see this rough but great father-son affection.

you and he have a lot of conflicts and become enemies for a long time, but when it comes to the critical moment, the most important thing in his heart is you.

fatherly love is water, quiet, but clear.


but as we get older, we do understand this truth.

at the beginning of the third season of "where is Dad going?" Hu Jun's child Kangkang was asked, "where does your father rank in your heart?"

Kangkang curled his lips and said the last place because his father always neglected to accompany him.

but in the second half of the program, after the two finally had enough time to accompany each other, Kangkang expressed his feelings to his father Hu Jun.

when we grow up, we can gradually understand our father's feelings and difficulties.

the son in the first video, taking the initiative to buy insurance for his father, is expressing his willingness to reconcile.

he began to understand that today's father is just an ordinary man held back by the times, but he is also a man who loves us in his clumsy way.

this stubborn but affectionate man, we should protect it.

you should give him more patience, explain what he doesn't understand, and teach him to use what he doesn't know, just like he did with you when he was a child.

you should spend more time with him. Your old father wants your company most.

you should care more about him and don't spend all your energy on work and love, forgetting that there is a father in your hometown who has worked hard for you all his life.

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