"he was just flirting with me for a while."

"he was just flirting with me for a while."

Sometimes, when we step back, we can see the relationship clearly.


A guest in the store once asked me a question: why does he only reply with one facial expression every time I send him Wechat?

she said that she had known him for almost two months. From the beginning, the boy took the initiative, then she somewhat relied on this way of chatting. In the first month, she said, "I seem to like him."

their chat records are nothing special, even ordinary, that is, when things have happened around them recently, sometimes there may be two quips, and then good night every night. It was this continuous good night every night that possessed her.

later, she became more active than before, taking the initiative to find a topic, commenting on the moments he had just posted, and asking him out to see a movie. At first, two people can be very happy to date alone, and then the boy will deliberately bring one or two friends, and then plead that he is very busy.

she is puzzled, and what is even more puzzling is that in the subsequent chat, the boys often reply with only one expression.

some people are really cold when they chat, except for some urgent things that will reply for a long time, and don't expect him to give you more of his usual greetings. After all, everyone is so busy, with so many things to do every day, there is no time to talk to people who don't care.

when I get up every morning, there are more than a dozen unread posts on Wechat, some working, some replying, some friends, some others. I always go through what everyone has sent me first and reply one by one according to my priorities. Sometimes when I finish posting on moments, someone will send a private message to me saying, "Why haven't you replied to the Wechat this morning?"

then I was very embarrassed.

but I also understand myself and those who fail to reply to Wechat in time, because that's who I am. Anyone has a priority in my heart. If you are not so important to me, or what you say is not so important to me, I will put you in the last reply, and sometimes it is common to be too busy to forget to reply.

so those who respond with only one expression or none at all don't care about you or your message at all.


when you like others, others will not necessarily give you the same degree of love.

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when she was having an affair with that boy, she would browse the boy's circle of friends, flip through the comments, and click into the circle of friends in the comments almost every day. That's what she cares about in a person. She wants to know all the details of his life. I want to be part of all his stories.

when some people like someone, they often have the illusion that the other person likes them as well. As the vulgar saying goes, three delusions are most likely to appear in the world: someone knocks at the door, the cell phone is ringing, and he likes me.

most of the time this illusion will make you fall apart in your relationship, and you will be sad, sad, and unwilling. You know in your heart that this is a must-lose bet, and you are just lying to yourself. That's why some people want to talk to the person they like again and again, even if he doesn't reply every word, the reply is only perfunctory; that's why some people can't figure out why the other person is silent and always find all kinds of excuses for each other in his heart.

sometimes we can see the relationship by taking a step back.

one person is too hard, the other is too hard, and the other avoids the important points. The two people are unequal in this relationship, so one person is waiting hard while the other is unaware of it.

that expression speaks for itself. It shows that he doesn't want to spend time with you, that your news is not so important to him, and that you should stop being stupid and let go.