"I can't wait for you."

"I can't wait for you."

In love, you wait for more or less is your own peace of mind, let you wait for the most do not love you so much.

"I may not wait for you to reply to my message every day."

"I may not fall asleep because of what you said over and over again."

"I may not love you anymore, this time I have to let it go."

"I may not be able to wait for you."

do you have moments that have been carefully edited for a long time just for someone to see? One of his likes can make you happy, and a few words of comments can make you giggle all day.

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I have a friend. She likes a friend for eight years. She remembers all the mobile phone numbers he has changed and all his taboos about eating. Then he watched the girls around him change one after another, but the passwords of all his social platforms were always his birthday.

I am this friend.

the eternal history of Borges says, "one cannot step into the same river twice." And I stood in the same place for eight years, standing still, being entangled in this river.

We have too many feelings in love. We bring the halo of the protagonist to ourselves and move him. In the end, he is exhausted and finds that he is holding his female N number plate. always persuades himself to wait and wait, thinking that it will be like the fashion in season, and you will lower the price later.  

Zhang Xiaoxian said: We are always moved by the waiting of ourselves and others, thinking that waiting is the most loyal dedication to love. But can be so determined to wait for a person is young after all, we can not stand in place to wait, we have to move on. there are parents in the front, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar tea, and blue sky.

some time ago, Mr. Cai Lan answered a netizen's question on Weibo. Among them, there was a question:

"Sir, shouldn't loved ones get such things?" Mr.

replied, "look for it while you wait."

another girl replied, "I heard that waiting for someone will be addictive. When you are not waiting one day, it is not giving up, but you finally understand that you are waiting for a ship at the airport."

this is the ninth year, and as I circle the earth twice, I finally realize that I can't wait for his luxury cruise ship at the airport.

I'm going to untie the rope and leave the tree, change my hairstyle, change my job, move to my friend's new house, and adopt a cat I like but don't like so much.

I'm ready to start all over again, but I can't win my tears just by removing the special message reminder.

in the movie "the grocery store", Mr. Wang has a line: "strong> giving up is no easier than persistence."

but it's better than standing still, so you see, Mr. Cai Lan's wisdom is not to tell you to give up completely, but to "wait and find".

while joking, it is hard to avoid bitterness.

Why should I wait and look for it?

because you can't get what you ask for.

because it is too small to wait for someone to pat his forehead and get what you get.

Dear sweethearts, don't face death and run desperately into the south wall.

Life is short, have a good time.

suddenly look back, maybe someone is in the dim light.

but don't miss the good scenery on the road.

in love,

how much you wait is your feeling.

most of the people who keep you waiting are less in love with you.

when you are tired, you will leave.

Don't give your feelings to time.

time is too lazy to clean up your mess.