"I don't believe in love, but we have to pretend to believe."

"I don't believe in love, but we have to pretend to believe."

The 40th issue of December 22, 2014, "do you still believe in love? please add Sina Weibo to follow: _ miss absent reprint, please indicate the source in the title and inside page.

do you still believe in love?

"who once went to a big city when he was young, jumped into the heat of thousands of lives eager to converge, engaged in hand-to-hand combat with life, and experienced all it could give, as if in a dream, but with extra effort and devotion. Touch the fire, soak in spirits, soak in loneliness, and roll in the hustle and bustle. Sometimes the bones are destroyed by the alchemy pin of the big city, and you seal off the lonely youth before you are destroyed, and melt into the larger illusion; sometimes, you find yourself from the illusion, like a sheep's path carved out of a rock, shaping your original outline with a knife; in the cooking oil of the fire, go into the snow and ice. In the dust and hustle and bustle of reality, sooner or later, you will feel the music in your heart resonate gently with the city, so melodious, so bright. Whose life has been so wiped, will miss this melody for the rest of his life. "

from the green demon.

do you still believe in love?

quoted from

Silence can also sing  author: green demon


"do you still believe in love?"

"I believe, in part."

"do you mean when I am twenty or thirty?"

"I believe in love, but I don't believe in human nature."

"I believe love can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), but I don't believe lovers can Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)."

"I still believe in love, but I no longer believe that it can overcome reality."

"I still believe in love, but I no longer believe that it will never change."


"I believe that if my boyfriend can afford to buy a house."

"I believe that if the fiance writes my name on his property certificate."

"I believe that if my wife and my mother stop quarreling."

"I believe that if the boyfriend is not afraid of marriage."

"I believe that if my girlfriend stops spending so much money on Taobao."

"I believe that if my boyfriend agrees to find a part-time worker to help me with the housework."

"I believe that if my girlfriend's cat stops peeing on my bed."

"I believe that if I hadn't found out that my boyfriend had gone to the parade to smash the Nissan."

"I believe that if my husband can stop cheating."

"I believe that if my girlfriend is not an Aquarius."


"I only believe in the love between Aquarius and Libra."

"I believe that women who can cook are more likely to get love."

"Literary young women who only know how to scramble eggs with tomatoes get out of here!"

"I am a young woman in literature and art, and I can cook. -Bonnie Bo

"Young women in literature and art are so difficult!"

"I'm not difficult at all, but no one comes to mess with me.

A woman writer "

" A woman without talent is a virtue. -Anonymous

"do you still believe in love?!"


"I believe in men who are willing to spend money for me."

"I believe in women who are willing to give to me."

"I believe that you should always choose the person who nourishes you, and if not, at least stay away from the person who consumes you." -Lin Yilian "

" you mean looking for flower fertilizer. "

"have you found the flower fertilizer yet?"

"I pawned other people's flower fertilizer."

"that's unfortunate."


"I believe in the love between Lori and uncle."

"my ass."

"I believe that young women and Zhengtai will not end well."

"that's right."

"I believe that love in Japanese idol dramas is more than that in American TV dramas."

"do you believe Yang Mi?"

"I believe in the fourth master."


"I believe 15%."

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"I believe 50%."

"I believe 100%."

"I believe 1000%."


"I am not optimistic about poor love because it is too frayed."

"I don't like marrying into a rich family because Qida is not a couple."

"I'm not optimistic about gay love. After all, they can't get married."

"I'm not optimistic about love without children and marriage because they have no future."

"Why are you crying?"

"I am neither poor nor rich, and I am normally married and heterosexual. Finally, who gets up to change diapers at night is separated because the child cries."


"I believe in soul mates."

"I believe in physical pleasure."

"I believe love is a moment of confusion."

"I believe that love is soaring in the daytime."

"I believe that love is the rise and fall of endocrine Hormont dopamine and the rise and fall of Mercury retrograde Venus retrograde."

"I believe that love shares its fate, good or bad."

"I believe that love is like a dream."

"I believe that love lasts forever as in a dream I believe that I am real."


"I don't believe in love, but we have to pretend to believe."

"all right. Whatever you say. "