"I don't even want to play a joke on someone who is really attracted to her."

"I don't even want to play a joke on someone who is really attracted to her."

No matter how shrewd the old driver is, when he meets the person he is really attracted to, he cannot say his intoxicating words, and he is not willing to copy those routines on him.

I find that there are a lot of people around me who are afraid of falling in love or will find a "similar" person and fall in love with a "similar" person because they do not meet the right person.

Today I will tell you a story I recently heard:

"When I meet someone who is attracted to me, I take it seriously. To reassure her, I am reluctant to play a joke on her."


this is what happened to a friend who recently met a boy who, in her words, is "the kind of zero-set boy you rarely see nowadays." She wants to develop well, but she doesn't know how to communicate with this type of boy at the moment.

speak very truthfully, believe everything, don't know the routine, don't know the routine, is the kind of gentle big boy who will buy you honey lemonade and wait for you to wake up after you drink too much.

she says that now too many people arm themselves like old drivers, showing an attitude that doesn't care about their feelings, and like to preach to those who are lovelorn and say, "what's the matter of being lovelorn? isn't it good to be single?"  they have only one self-summary to all suitors and introducers: I don't fall in love.

because I don't fall in love, after getting a kidney neatly, two people will do what they should do, no trouble. Such a process has gone too far, but will not cherish and treat the feelings well. My friend said that he was almost at a loss when he met such a big boy.

once when they went out to dinner, others were making fun of her. She answered the sentence, and the boy snickered beside her and said to her half-jokingly, "Why are you such an old driver?" She told me that at that moment she suddenly wanted to explain to him that she was not such an old driver, that she did not seem to be so conventional, or at least every word she said to him was distracted.

but people already have such an established impression that no matter how many excuses they make, it seems to be a joke.

some people say that if feelings are wasted too much, they can't cherish them.

many people always regard themselves as old drivers and tricks, even if they want to stop for a moment and accept someone well, they will still not get used to it.   the kind of indifference and mistrust that has grown in their bones will pop out from time to time to affect their judgment.


there are so many routines that everything looks like a routine.

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when it comes to being nice to others, always whisper in your heart:  is he trying to trick me? Most of the time, people are not as complicated as they think, and sometimes things that go from the bottom of their hearts to the bottom of their hearts look fake.

those, for example, explain text messages that are not sent in groups, such as those, which are just gifts for you, and those that remember everything about you. Casual jokes may be what my heart wants to say, but too often I am not sure what the other person thinks and express it in a casual tone.

Xiao G told me that what she is most afraid of hearing is when the boy says to her, "Why are you so distracted?"

although it is often a joke, she feels that she is not in a routine, but she still has to be questioned about "deliberately acting out of mind", while these people who question "intentional distractions" are also playing a game of refusing to welcome them.  just because these unwritten rules have become a habit in their lives, they always subconsciously want to avoid resistance in the face of different feelings.

indeed, many people can blurt out dirty jokes, and many people talk about love and love all the time. They are like experienced hunters, constantly looking for their prey in the emotional forest. But they know in their hearts that one day they will also become the target of someone else.

No matter how shrewd the old driver is when he meets the person he loves, he can't say any intoxicating words, and those tricks are not willing to be copied on him.

if you do meet that person, please don't miss him because of the routine.

I am in Yunnan now, and the weather is very comfortable.

type for everyone here.

May you all meet the person who appeals to you.