"I just had my eyelids cut off."

"I just had my eyelids cut off."

"it does look much better!"

1. Quarrel

Beijing is still hot today. I didn't want to get sweaty when I got off work, so I reached out and hailed a taxi. I brought a lot of things and sat in the back row.

the master is not old. When talking, I know that he is only 33 years old. The traffic jam was so bad that he asked me, "Brother, are you married?" Do you have any children? "

I said, I'm married, but I don't have children yet. Then I asked him if he had.

he said, "I have two daughters. The eldest daughter is in junior high school. "

as soon as I calculated that something was wrong, I asked, "I was a teenager in junior high school. How old were you when I gave birth to my eldest daughter?"

the master said, "Ha, that was an accidental pregnancy." I was only 19 years old. According to my personality, I don't want to have children. I want dink. But if you get pregnant by accident, just give birth. As a result, only a few years after the birth, my daughter clamored for a companion and asked me to have another one. I can't help it. Let's have another one. So she gave birth to another daughter. "

I said, "it's good to have a daughter. I like my daughter."

he turned to me and said, "what a fart!" Then he turned back while driving and said, "it costs a lot of money to buy clothes all day. If I were a son, I would beat him every day, but my daughter would be hard to beat. My hands are itchy to death." When I was a child, I practiced martial arts, and I was the best at beating people. As a result, I couldn't beat up when I gave birth to a child. You said you couldn't hold back! "

I: ". Even if you can beat a child, you don't have to fight, do you? "

he sighed: "one wife and two daughters in the family, not to mention my status, I think I am held back to violence." I just quarreled with my wife a few days ago, and she didn't speak to me for three days, cold and violent. I just talked to me today. "

I asked, "Why are you fighting?"

II. Consult

our car stops and stops on the Third Ring Road, and the progress is slow. The master fixed his eye on a place, pulled over to the side of the road, and said, "Why don't you come and sit in front?" I keep turning my head and talking to you. It's so uncomfortable. "

I was just about to talk about the problem that he always turns his head backward. I know a kind of people who must look at each other when they speak, otherwise, they can't say it. That's who he is. Every time he turns his head back, I want to turn him back. It's too dangerous to drive like this. He asked me to sit in the front, and I obeyed immediately.

sitting on the copilot, I noticed that he was wearing big sunglasses. I thought he was about to start after I fastened my seat belt, but he took off his sunglasses and asked me, "do you think there's anything strange about me?"

I can't help staying. I am half a hostage in someone else's car, and this question is really difficult to answer.

he looked at me and said, "look at my eyes!"

I went to look into his eyes. Now I noticed that his eyes were red and his eyelids were red and swollen. Remembering that he had just said that he was prone to violence, I naturally asked, "my eyes are swollen." Did you get into a fight? "

he smiled, put on his sunglasses, turned the car to the main road, and said, "I just cut off my eyelids." And, "he turned around again and pointed to the corner of his eye." the doctor said that just cutting out the eyelids looked incongruous. I also opened the corner of my eye and opened it for 2mm. I made it on Sunday. The swelling hasn't gone down yet. "

I said, "Is that why your wife ignored you?" Did you do it behind her back? "

he said, "it's not like doing it behind her back." I did it foolishly, too. I forgot to tell her. "

I asked: ". What does it mean? You foolishly made double eyelids and opened the corners of your eyes? Why are you doing this? "

he said, "here's the thing. My family is full of eyelids except me and my father. Since childhood, they have laughed at us, especially me, saying that I have small eyes and are not good-looking. I think these experiences have affected me in some way. I watched a video at home last week, and a small advertisement for double eyelids popped up below, which read: online expert consultation. As soon as I got a move in my heart, I thought, son of a bitch, I'm an expert. I'll make trouble! So I ordered it. "

I said, "nine times out of ten, that kind of small advertisement is not a serious company."

he said, "I'm just a little mischievous. After clicking, it was a consultant, a woman. I asked her, how much does it cost to make double eyelids? She said this score what kind of surgery. Different people are suitable for different operations, and the fees are not the same. She asked me to add her Wechat and send her a picture so that she could judge. "

I said, "she has a point."

he said, "Yes. But I was on guard against her, so I specially added her with my backup WeChat account. Sent her a picture. As a result, she looked at it for a long time, said that she could not judge my situation, and suggested that I go to their hospital for on-the-spot consultation, which is free. "

he took out his cell phone, clicked on Wechat, and opened another friend's moments to show me: "this is the woman. Look, isn't she pretty?" I'm telling you when I went to their hospital, I found that her colleagues were also very beautiful. "

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I looked at the picture and found that she was a pretty girl and looked a bit like Liu Shishi.

he added, "I was talking to her when I suddenly came to my senses. What am I doing here? I'm a prank, aren't I? The prank is to play a game and don't take it seriously, right? why would I add her WeChat account? And my Wechat is bound to my mobile phone number, and she already knows my mobile phone number! "

I said, "you are careless. If your personal information gets out, there may be trouble."

he said: "that's what I thought at the time, so I deleted her WeChat account immediately. But I also thought, I have a need to cut my double eyelids, and this need is not ignored by her. It came out, and people did answer my questions all the time, and they didn't cheat me out of my money. Since I did have the idea of moving my eyelids, I might as well ask her about it. So I called her on my landline again. "

I didn't expect this reversal in his mind immediately, so I asked, "Is she mad at you?"

he said sheepishly, "people didn't say anything, but they just said," you asked me so many questions, why did you suddenly delete me without saying a word of thank you? I also felt that I was very impolite, so I agreed to go to the hospital she said for on-the-spot consultation. "

III. Operation

the hospital that the girl mentioned was near Sanlitun. He looked for it according to the address.

"I don't have any money. I just want to find out how the operation is done and what it can be done, but I'm not going to do it." He said, "as soon as I entered the hospital hall, I was so embarrassed."

I said, "Why is it awkward?"

he said, "from doctors to customers, they are all women. I was a big man, dressed in overalls and rustic, and when they greeted me with a smile, I blushed to my heels, so I had to say I was looking for someone, and then I set my sights on a toilet and ran in to hide. "

I couldn't help laughing: "you're so thin-skinned. Besides, what's wrong with you hiding in the toilet?"

he said shyly, "the situation is shy. It's all women. I wouldn't mind if I went shopping. The big man went to ask about cutting off his eyelids. I didn't open my mouth." I hid in the toilet and called the previous consultant. I thought I knew her better at that time. If I saw her, I would be bolder. After I got through, I was scolded by her. she asked me to go out and find the people in the hall and give me her cell phone number. Not only did they receive women, but men and women were treated equally. "

"later, a female doctor received me, looked at my eyes for a long time, and said, I need to make a three-point double eyelid. I just realized that there are several surgical methods according to the eyelids. One is called catgut embedding, one is called three o'clock, and the other is called total cutting. " Then he told me in detail how these three operations should be done, under what circumstances, and what the final effect would be.

I said, "you know a lot about it!"

he said proudly, "of course, the doctor has a good attitude and speaks patiently. I've learned it all. Now when I see people with single eyelids on the street, I can immediately think of what kind of surgery this person should do." Someone like you-- "

he turned to look at me and said,"... Ah, you have double eyelids. "

he added: "they also gave me a supporting plan. My eyelids were cut off, and I had to open the corners of my eyes to appear coordinated." Brother, you know plastic surgery, is not usually a single place. People's faces influence each other, and you move your nose, even if you want to move somewhere else, otherwise, it will look strange, and there is a lot of knowledge in it. "

I said, "I've heard of that."

he went on to say, "people also said that some time ago, the hospital held activities, and my plan cost more than 9000 yuan, and the activity price was 7800. If I had an operation at once that day, they could still charge me 7800, even though the activity had expired. "

I asked, "so you did it right away?"

he said, "that's right!" Oh, that posture, I can't help it. The girl is so enthusiastic and preferential that the operation plan given to her is taken into account. Measure the corners of my eyes and measure the indicators. After working for most of the day, I was shameless and left. I thought, anyway, I have been yearning for double eyelids since I was a child, so just do it. "

I reminded him, "but don't you have any money?"

he said, "I swiped my credit card!" The operation took less than an hour. Only a little anesthetic was used, and the anesthetic was so strong that it didn't hurt at all. Other operations are not like this. When I had the operation, there was a girl next to me who was doing liposuction and kept screaming: it hurts too much, stop it, I won't do it! When I heard her scream, I felt lucky that I didn't suffer much. "

IV. Cold War

he found two photos on his mobile phone to show me, one was before the operation, and the other was after the operation. The young man's face was dignified, and although he had an obvious single eyelid, he was not ugly. After the operation, the eyes became bigger and more pleasing to the eye.

he said, "I can't hide the operation. My wife thought I was in a fight when she saw me with ointment on my eyes, swollen like a diaper." Later I learned that I had double eyelid surgery, pulled my face, and left. Three days. He didn't talk to me for three days. Today is the fourth day, and I just started to talk to myself. "

I asked, "Is she angry because you didn't discuss it with her?" Or are you angry that you cut off your eyelids? Or do you think you spent money? "

he said: "she still doesn't know that the operation cost 7800 yuan. At that time, I said it cost more than 2000. After I finished the operation, one of my sisters told me that the operation was usually only two or three thousand, and I felt fooled at that time, so I didn't dare to tell anyone that I had spent so much money. My wife is angry because I cut off my eyes and because I don't discuss it with her. But this can't blame me. When I went to the hospital that day, I didn't plan to have an operation. It was all a temporary decision. What is there to discuss? "

I said, "can't she accept you as a man with double eyelids?"

he said, "Yes. I don't blame her. I feel that my behavior is not very mainstream. Our relatives, as well as colleagues in our company, know that I have cut off my double eyelids and have stunk me for several days, and some have driven all the way. Come and look into my eyes. Let's be gay. It doesn't matter if we are unmarried in our 20s or so if they love beauty and have their eyelids cut off. It is really rare for me to have my double eyelids cut off at my age. "

I said, "it doesn't matter. You are satisfied with a good heart. Your eyelids are swollen. If you look in the mirror every day, you can still be happy for half a day. This operation is worth it." Other people are just curious these days, and they won't say anything if they get used to it. "

he nodded happily: "Yes, you are right." You don't have to wait for the swelling to go down. For the past three or four days, I have had to look in the mirror and take a selfie from time to time. I feel very beautiful. It's not-- "he pointed to a small mirror the size of a slap." I took all the mirrors at home to the car. Between pulling work, when you are at rest, look in the mirror when you are free. Hey, brother, to tell you the truth, are my eyes looking better after the operation? "

I said with great certainty: "it does look much better!"

he said happily, "it's worth it. When the swelling goes down, it will look even better!"

he added: "it's just too expensive. Oh, I was fooled. I'll go back to them in a few days to see if I can get some money back. "