"I need a little yang."

"I need a little yang."

I haven't tasted the feeling of heartbeat for a long time.

heartbeat, I haven't had the feeling of heartbeat for a long time. I really don't know if it's my sadness, nor do I know if it's someone else. I haven't tasted the taste of heartbeat for a long time.

A friend from my hometown sent me a photo. This street is called Zhu Gan Lane in my hometown. Because the water transport Yamen in the northern section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was once set up in my hometown, all the ships come and go ashore here, hang the bamboo poles here, and then set out. This is where the bamboo pole lane is named.

the tone of memory is as golden as this picture. At the end of the street, there is an old-school cinema with gold, called "Dongfanghong Cinema". When I was in primary school, our school organized students to go to the movies and called my mother to love me again. The cinema was not far from the school. on the way, the boys and girls walked to the cinema together. on the way, the teacher asked the boys and girls of the parallel team to join hands and not be left behind. standing on my left happens to be a little boy I like, we are all embarrassed to hold hands, what to do, but also have to listen to the teacher, so he put his little finger on my little finger, so he walked all the way.

now I can't remember what the boy looked like or his name. I only remember the feeling and shyness that belonged to me at that time.

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the heartbeat must be based on small things that seem insignificant but close enough, and every memory that I can remember for a long time still has a warm heart. I haven't experienced it for a long time. now I can twist the light bulb and assemble all kinds of indoor furniture by myself. I can use one person as two people, and I can learn a lot of things quickly, but sajiao and dependence are very difficult to learn. I don't want to bother others. I always draw a circle in my heart and feel that I will always break up. Why start? so it's better not to bother others. However, a lot of relationships become intimate, not all based on troubling each other, come and go, there are fetters.

sometimes I look at myself in front of the mirror. I am not moved for a long time, and even the yang becomes heavier. so I really need some yang to reduce my yang. But this dependence is still based on heartbeat.

but I am glad to have had this feeling of heartbeat.

the signal conveyed by this feeling also tells me that in the future,

when your alarm goes off,

who is right?

when it comes to emotions, can you still want to see

"I like gentle people so much."

I really want to fall in love.

Don't get married before the age of 30

passive people fall in love.

you were really nice to me before.