"I think our love can make us omnipotent."

"I think our love can make us omnipotent."


the only thing I haven't done for a long time since I was a child

the only thing I can do is to be with you

you live in a world with a population of more than 6 billion.

according to the death at the age of 80, your life has 29200 days.

you can pass an average of 1000 people a day, and you will meet more than 20 million people in your lifetime.

so the probability that you meet someone is divided by 29.2 million by 6 billion, which is about 0.00487.

what are the chances of two people falling in love?

to put it conservatively, suppose you can know 3000 people in your lifetime, then half of the opposite sex, even if you are a philanthropic person, suppose you have loved five people in your life. then your chance of falling in love with someone is 5 pm 1500, about 3/1000.

this is the probability of unrequited love.

the probability of two people falling in love multiplies 3/1000 by 3/1000.

the probability that two people can meet and fall in love with 6 billion people in the world.

is a huge operation, which is more difficult than winning the lottery.

if you meet the one you love

and choose to be with him, rain or shine,

then congratulations, you have become the darling of Cupid.

just something will be tested.

to test whether those who love each other, fate keeps them apart.

just as God separates human beings with words,

Cupid separates lovers by jet lag and distance.

make them love each other but can't touch each other.

A lot of people can't stand the test, but some people come to the end.

Why is there such a setting as paper marriage, silver wedding, gold wedding, diamond marriage?

is a level that is difficult to achieve even if you play games.

if life is a game, then you are betting your whole life with your youth, time, and skin lines from shallow to deep, to find a planet like you and disappear into eternal darkness with him.

do you believe in long-distance relationships?

because of love, I believe.



my boyfriend is training in the Beijing national team. I am studying in the United States, and each other is very busy, but there is a phone call at nine o'clock every day. I am here during the day and at night, tell each other what happened today, good luck tomorrow, the most insipid greetings but with the most stable sense of security.

Ding Xueting

in 1996

he is going abroad to Canada.

I had planned to go to Dalian for a week after the college entrance examination, and then he would go abroad, but then he was scheduled to leave before my college entrance examination. The last time he saw me before he went abroad, he hugged me and asked me to wait for him. I said yes.

he often takes me to his grandmother's house for dinner, and his grandmother is very domineering and asks his nephew to call me brother-in-law directly. Then he specially came to pick me up for dinner on Valentine's Day, threw a box over while driving, said it was for you, and then peeked at my reaction. At that time, he was so nervous that he was still pretending to be very light.

that was our first pair of rings, and now we all wear them. We have worked so hard for five years, either because of anything else or because no one is more suitable for each other than each other. It's a wonderful feeling to grow up with each other, so I look forward to growing old with each other. It is he who uses his youth to grow up with me slowly, tolerates my immaturity, understands my desire, and understands my inner world. He is not only a lover but also a bosom friend, a teacher, and a family member.


together for more than 400 days, foreign countries for more than 300 days,

just carried the jet lag.

fortunately, we can be together all the time this fall.


he's in Singapore. I've been in Shanghai for two years.

he is a pilot and I am a nurse. I love him so much, and so does he.

Li Bai

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he is in the United States and I am in Beijing.

and because of love, I have American time, and he has Beijing time.

Zhao Yufen

my foreign love, ah, how to say.

to be honest, it doesn't matter how much we love each other, it's more like a long stream of water.

willing to do something for each other, some things stick to yourself.

in this relationship, more people remember to wear warm clothes, remember to eat, remember to take care of themselves, and show filial piety to their parents.

before I met him, I fell in love and killed each other for many years. After I met him, I knew that love could be so insipid but warm.

Jet lag distance is not a problem, the key is to see whether you have lost your mind in this relationship or not.


he is in the army, and he is still in the border defense, so he is very strict, so he can only use the company's public phone every time. Once he hung up automatically when there was no money on the card, but he called again before he put down his cell phone. Then came his gentle voice: after I have you, I will buy two phone cards every time.

Today is my birthday, but he is practicing outside. I don't know where he borrowed his cell phone. The first thing he said was that he was sorry and that he couldn't give me a birthday present. I'd love to tell him it's okay. I was surprised when he called, but I was moved to cry.

speaking from the bottom of my heart, it's painful to stick to it, but every time the happiness is magnified infinitely.

Dayaoyao surnamed Peng

met him on his 11th birthday and got together two months later.

12 years he graduated, 13 years long-distance relationship, 14 years I graduated, flew to his city. At the beginning of 15 years, the relationship was opposed by my parents until now. He and I have never been lucky people, whether it is love or work, pay more than people, but the journey is still very hard. We don't want much. We just hope that after going through all the obstacles, we can use my name and his surname.

Su Mei is a hypocrite

We know each other in junior high school. He went to Japan in high school, but I stayed in my hometown. It was a difficult time.

three years later, he went home. This year is our ninth year together.


she met each other in Mauritius, made love for a month, and then returned home according to the air ticket booked before she went there.

four hours of jet lag, I secretly set the alarm clock at five o'clock on my phone every day and struggled to wake up and chat with her; she told Ma Ma that she met me there, and Ma Ma said that we were so lucky that we could meet the people we liked when we traveled.

after returning to China, it is still a different place. With a distance of more than 800 kilometers between Chengdu and Shanghai, you can only see each other once in a month or two. Before she met me, she swore that she would never fall in love with a long-distance again. Before I met her, I thought I would never fall in love with anyone again. She's going to England in September. I don't know how many times I'm going to cry secretly at night with a jet lag of eight hours. Fortunately, however, whenever I think of her, I feel extremely lucky, and my heart is full of gratitude and happiness. She is a girl, and so am I. I still believe that we can go far enough until we stay together day and night, so firm that there is no strength to separate us.


A foreign country has been jet-lagged for ten months and eleven hours. Now we are traveling together in Lijiang.

it's raining in Lijiang. It's cold. He was chatting with others on the coffee table of the inn, and I was reading in the courtyard room. Moving things are difficult to remember for a while, and the clearest and most insipid things are probably the good morning and good night that you say every day when you are in a foreign country.

Nala Burnley

A long drive is often bought in exchange for a fraction of the time together, but every second feels like reaping the happiness of the whole world. This inequality is only true in the relationship. Every time we are together, I always like to take pictures of him while he is not paying attention.

and the happiest, guess what? That is, when we parted again, I took out my phone and looked back at these photos. I took a closer look and found that his eyes were looking at the camera.

Hua Paper

We have known each other for three years and two years, and we have had many quarrels, and even before he came back, we were considering whether we were right or not. But when he came back, he knew how worthwhile it was to wait. Now we are two tired but happy Beijing drifters.


I am in Shenyang and he is in Wisconsin. In the nine months of the year, mobile phones and computers have become the only tools for us to communicate. Every day we can only see each other through the screen. Every day, I send him to sleep with good night, and he wakes me up with good morning.

the 13-hour jet lag seems to be just so that we can see that my son and his moon are climbing into the sky. His every kiss, every word I love you, every time tolerate my bad temper, every warm smile, every ten fingers shake, I can not help but love him more.

We also have a plot like a novel. For example, I received the roses he ordered in the United States for Valentine's Day. 99 roses in bright red seem to commemorate the "first" Valentine's Day I spent with him. And the love letters I thought would be lost arrived like magic on his Valentine's Day morning. But I think. These are far less than the little things I get along with him every day. Honey, I love you.


I hope that one day the chat will turn into a gentle and hot breath in my ear, and

I love you on the phone will turn into a kiss on the cheek.

Miss absentee

the separation of relatives and loved ones is the most unacceptable, especially when lovers become relatives. Very uncomfortable, watching to leave, eager to stuff himself into his bag, a farewell is the most difficult thing to do because you can never be ready to do.

when waiting for the bus, the Beijing Railway Station announced the time on the hour is Dongfanghong, and the drivers sounded their horns anxiously. To have a second look, I didn't have a ticket, but I got into the door of the waiting hall. I was alerted and the security guards ran over. I was supposed to take me out, but when I knew what was going on and saw me crying like a fool, they wiped my tears and said it's okay to go in, I said no, thank you.

he came and hugged me and said, silly girl, don't cry. I'll buy you a little red book. I'll buy you whatever you want.

before he left, he hoped that time would be slower, and after he left, he hoped that three years would pass in the blink of an eye.

I'm not a celebrity.

I'm just an ordinary person with an ordinary mind, living an ordinary life. I don't have any monuments, and I will soon be forgotten by the world. But in a way, I live as happily as everyone else. I love another person with all my heart, and that's enough for me.

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Your mother is my home your mother is my home