"I want to receive a gift from you, too."

"I want to receive a gift from you, too."

Pay is mutual, I just hope you can also care about me.

recently, I feel more and more that maybe I am talking about a "fake boyfriend"!

I have been with my boyfriend for more than a year, 366 days to be exact. Why do you remember so clearly? Because yesterday was our first anniversary together.

every holiday in the past, I would remind him that I would prepare surprises for him in different ways, from manual photo albums to wallets, from limited hands to game consoles, I was thinking about what he liked and needed. I marked the holiday time early in the calendar and wanted to see him happy when he received the gift.

although he is very happy every time and often uses the gift I gave him, I have never received a gift.

at first, I thought it was just something big about him. I didn't remember the holidays and didn't quite understand girls' minds. Gradually, I would also beat around the bush to remind him that I showed him my best friend's circle of friends. Can't he see such an obvious hint? In the end, I didn't receive any gifts, and finally yesterday, I couldn't help but explode.

I bought the movie ticket in advance and booked a seat in the restaurant. As soon as he gets off work, we will go to dinner. He was very cooperative throughout the process, and during the meal, I asked him if he remembered what day it was today. He thought about it for a long time and guessed that several holidays were wrong, and then my anger began to soar.

"what other day could it be? I can't guess. Just say it. "

"Today is the first anniversary of our relationship!" I replied to him angrily.

"So soon? It's been a year, honey. Eat more. Let's celebrate. " As soon as he said this, I thought he had a big surprise for me, so I gladly gave him the gift I had prepared, and he gladly accepted it. I waited until the meal was over, but he still didn't come up with any gift.

on the way to the cinema, I quietly tested him, "what gift are you going to give me this year?"

he hesitated for a long time and said, "didn't we have a big meal today?"

"Is this a gift?" I'm a little angry.

"Why don't you count? didn't you eat it, too?"

after he said this, I immediately lost my temper. "is this a gift?" If I don't say it today, you have no idea what day it is? We have been together for so long, you have never given me any gifts, before eating has passed, can not be like this in the future, right? "

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after hearing this, my boyfriend began to argue with me again, saying that there are always many holidays all year round and that if you spend your time giving gifts every day, you can't get by. It is also said that no two people are in the stage of struggle, always buying things for each other, wasting money is not practical, and there is time to compare with others, so it is better to live frugally and save more money. Probably every word he said was poking my fire, but in the end, we didn't see the movie and we broke up in discord.

the "gift" is just a small condiment in life. The important thing is that I remember our holiday, want to celebrate together, and want to express my feelings to you. The gift is just a medium, which means that I miss you in my heart. I pay attention to the dynamics of your life, and I want to convey to you the message that "you are important".

but the emotional transmission is mutual, just like I yelled at the valley, which is like a black hole, absorbing my emotion, but I can't feel the feedback. Over time, I will question whether you care about me or not.

if you can see this sentence, I hope you can understand that emotions need to feel each other, gifts are the basis of the medium, it can be uncomplicated, but be careful.