"I want you to lie to me."

"I want you to lie to me."


I don't know if you are a person with a museum complex

A lot of people will have a habit

go to a country

to see their museums

it's like walking deep into the ears of a country

museums store a large number of objects that are treasured by time

the smell of rotting bacteria

will arouse people's desire to know about this place.


from Istanbul

there are no old treasures of this country. It can accumulate into a museum

the hostess's name is Kemal

the hostess's name is Fu Song

everything he loves her

and everything she has loved

even everything she has touched

A sentimental man collects all the things his sweetheart has touched

A pen, hair card, ashtray, earring, key, perfume bottle, brooch

even 4213 cigarette butts

Kemal has been to 1743 museums

for 15 years

created the memory of the "Museum of innocence"

the objects in this museum

are traces left by his forever lost lover

this museum is from Pamuk's novel Museum of innocence

I want you to lie to me.

because people lie only for one thing that they are very afraid of losing.

every time I see her smile, an irresistible sense of happiness and optimism will still bloom in my heart like a sunflower with the same power. light from her beauty, her movements that made me feel very close, and her skin told me that the center of the world where I should go was beside her.

I can't understand that once people begin to be silent, it is impossible to speak again, and this silence can even last for many years, hundreds of years. When I was a child, I was happy and free. But that night, many years later, on Salaselway Street, I learned what it meant to be unable to speak. I also vaguely feel that my love for Fu Song has finally become such a stubborn, autistic story. My love for her, my obsession, whatever it is, will never lead me to share the world with her freely. From the very beginning, I knew in the depths of my soul that this was impossible in the world I was talking about, so I embarked on the road of finding Fu Song in my heart. I think Fu Song also knew that I would find her in my heart. Everything will be all right in the end.

what I want to say is that the pain of love is a whole. The pain of true love will be rooted in the most fundamental point of our lives, will hold on to us from our weakest places, and will be closely linked to all other pains. It spreads throughout our bodies and our lives in an unstoppable form. If we fall hopelessly in love with someone, then from the pain of our father in the city to the most common misfortune such as the loss of keys, all other pains, troubles, and uneasiness, will be the trigger for this major pain that we are ready to expand at any time. A person like us makes a mess of life for love because he thinks that all other troubles can only be solved at the end of the pain of love, so this further deepens the inner trauma.

this kind of perverted obstinacy

frantically searching for clues of vanishing lover

only the person concerned understands

that it is precise because she will never have her again

that she

tells me

I used to have her

to pile up emotional regrets and emptiness.

I used to have her

pile up emotional regrets and emptiness.

I used to have her

accumulate emotional regret and emptiness

even though I didn't know

, she just went on a trip

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and hasn't come back yet

this is the happiest moment of my life

, even though I didn't know at the time