"I'm just a filmmaker, so it doesn't matter if I'm poor."

"I'm just a filmmaker, so it doesn't matter if I'm poor."

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interestingly, before this year's Spring Festival Gala, some people were still saying that the only thing to look forward to was Zhang Zhen and shaking red envelopes. Unexpectedly, the two things were arranged to be carried out at the same time. Zhang Zhen should have known the arrangement of the program group before, but he probably didn't care about it either. This is his character, in such a noisy entertainment industry, he has been precipitating, has been growing.

there is a joke by Zhang Zhen: "filming Red Cliff, he is familiar with the three Kingdoms for playing Sun Quan; filming the Great cause of the Founding of the Party" he also memorized the history of the people's Republic of China; filming "finding a man in the Deep Sea", he was admitted to PADI diving license; filming "Go Saigon", his go has been able to suppress three professional paragraphs; "Grandmaster", he won the national Bajiquan champion; "Nie Yinniang" finished shooting, he learned to be close. Humans can no longer stop Zhang Zhen. " There is naturally a bit of exaggeration in this, and Zhang Zhen admits that this is the way he gets into the role.

when being praised as a "high achiever", he smiled and replied, "I can't learn everything, but I can't learn the piano." When he landed at the Spring Festival Gala, he stroked the piano. He didn't understand the rhythm, but he was just not interested in the piano.

Zhang Zhen, born in 1976, made his debut at the age of 14 in Yang Dechang's film "the incident of Kuling Street." Almost everyone is familiar with the name, and can even name one or two of his works, but he hasn't been a big hit for so many years.

I have worked with almost all the big-name directors in the Chinese language circle, and their acting skills are highly appreciated by all the directors, but they have never won any major awards in films. At the age of nearly 40, he is getting more and more interesting, but you have never heard of his affair. It was not until he got married in recent years that everyone suddenly realized, "Oh, he has a girlfriend who has been talking about for so many years."

in the 24 years since the film, there has been no decent affair, no breakup of the century, no one, no big name. If you put it on other actors, it will be out of date long ago, but Zhang Zhen has been there all the time, and it is getting better and better.

there are many actors with acting skills in the Chinese language circle, but whenever Tony Leung appears, he is always accompanied by rumors of an affair with Carina Lau and Maggie Cheung, Chen Sesame millet. Even Liang Jiahui frequently teases at the premiere of major films, not to mention the younger generation of actors, most of the plays in life are more beautiful than those in the movies.

after acting in movies for so many years, he is still silent on the stage of the premiere; in show business, he can still maintain a kind of "naivety" (Lu Chuan language). For so many years, only Zhang Zhen is the only one.

if you care about the year of Zhang Zhen's debut, it probably dates back to 1980. When Zhang Zhen was more than three years old, his father, Zhang Guozhu, starred in a film called Triangle exercises, in which he needed a child of about the same age. Zhang Guozhu took Zhang Zhen away, and the film, which has so far been difficult to find video materials, became Zhang Zhen's first electrocuted work.

and then there is the "Guling Street Boys and Boys" incident, which won Zhang Zhen the Best Actor nomination for the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan. Yang Dechang discovered Zhang Zhen's unique temperament, and this film made him famous. From then on, he cooperated with the director one after another.

Yang Dechang, Wong Kar-wai, Ang Lee, Liu Zhenwei, Tian Zhuangzhuang, John Woo, Lu Chuan, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Kim Kidd, Tsui Ke, etc., and now Chen Kaige, who filmed "Taoist Priest Down the Mountain", except Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, and Jiang Wen, almost all the directors have been taken down by him. The most regrettable thing is that he was unable to cooperate with Tsai Ming-Liang. After filming Guling Street, Zhang Zhen rejected the film "Young Nezha" because he did not want to enter the show business too early.

from Taiwan to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to the mainland, almost every work performed by Zhang Zhen shows a different temperament, but this temperament is amazingly highly unified. Starting from Guling Street, his gloomy and evil temperament has always been lingering in his films, but at the same time, Zhang Zhen has incorporated the connotations of different film roles in addition to this temperament. Almost every Zhang Zhen movie makes you feel that he is the only one to play this role.

Zhang Zhen's pluralistic temperament comes from his own experience. He is the only Chinese actor born in Taiwan and acting in Hong Kong whose film audience covers all of Asia.

in 1996, Zhang Zhen starred in Yang Dechang's work Mahjong, whose name in the play was "Hong Kong". At that time, Wong Kar-wai, who went to Taiwan from Hong Kong to select actors, was looking for an actor with a "Taiwan guest" temperament, so there was Zhang Zhen in "the sudden release of Spring." Although many of Zhang Zhen's plays have always been deleted from Wong Kar-wai, it is undeniable that Wong Kar-wai is the Bole of Zhang Zhen's acting career.

after Spring burst, Zhang Zhen successively starred in many films and made many new attempts. In Kim Kidd's "breath," Zhang Zhen had almost no lines. Only with the strength of his eyes and bones, the director perfectly interpreted this extremely tense abusive film.

although Zhang Zhen himself does not think of himself as literature and art, Zhang Zhen has almost become the representative of male actors in contemporary literary films.

the transition from literary films to commercial films is a very difficult thing for many actors, but for Zhang Zhen, there never seems to be a bottleneck. Even for works like Red Cliff, Zhang Zhen can perform in his flavor, and he does grasp the balance between the two. in 2012, he also starred in a short film called "the State of the mind" by Wang Jiawei, directed by Lu Chuan. Zhang Zhen saw the face and inner son in "the Grandmaster" most clearly.

from the gloomy teenager in the Yang Dechang era to the literary god in the Wong Kar-wai era to the tough guy in "embroidered Spring knife" and "the Grandmaster", Zhang Zhen's roles have become increasingly complex and his acting skills have become more and more recognized. this finally made him gradually move from the minority to the public's field of vision.

when he and Tony Leung appeared in the Grandmaster at the same time, people suddenly realized that they had been waiting. The successor of Tony Leung for such a long time is here.

Wei Shao, a famous Hong Kong screenwriter, said that Zhang Zhen, who saw "Guling Street" for the first time, froze as if he had seen a living juvenile version of Tony Leung. It had nothing to do with appearance, but only about transparent delicacy.

Hong Kong director Yip Weixin was once asked, "who is the best successor to Tony Leung?" After thinking about it for a long time, he suddenly patted his head-- "Ah, and Zhang Zhen."

Yes, this natural appearance is the favorite "sculpture" actor on the big screen, with an angular face, clear eyes, and that kind of "evil" temperament. As long as he is on the big screen, he will be fascinating. This charm is true not only for the audience but also for the director. When Tian Zhuangzhuang first filmed Go Saigon, he looked at the pictures of almost all the mainland actors, and he always felt so bad. As a result, he got a picture of Zhang Zhen and patted the table. "that's him."

if he were only talented, Zhang Zhen might not have reached the stage of "great guidance and imperial use" today.

After filming "Nie Yinniang," he learned the art of close swordsmanship. "although this joke, which has been circulated on the Internet for a long time, is slightly exaggerated by Zhang Zhen himself, even if" finding a man in the Deep Sea "is only a guest show, even if the part in" Spring "and" the Grandmaster "has been almost deleted, Zhang Zhen's consistent serious attitude is enough to tell the whole story. Even if he only directed a half-hour film (a unit of Sansheng), Zhang Zhen was patient enough-"the last flashback scene, I thought it was wrong, so I kept trying." Zhang Zhen's directorial debut premiered at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and was well-received.

if there is anything wrong with Zhang Zhen, there is probably only one-he still lacks a role that is enough for him to show his acting skills. Yes, although he has played many roles, it seems difficult for the public to have an image reminiscent of him at once.

his tiger is undoubtedly the most masculine and enthusiastic, and his Sun Quan is undoubtedly the most elegant and handsome, but it is still not enough. Fortunately, the vision honed by years of cooperation with the director made Zhang Zhen choose "embroidered Spring Dao". In this film, which earned less than 100 million at the box office but won unanimous praise from the audience, the complex interweaving of love and human nature made Zhang Zhen's image fuller. Chen Shu, the screenwriter of the film, commented on Zhang Zhen's performance-- "a man who is as affectionate as the sea with a kind of charismatic tolerance." Zhang Zhen found a breakthrough from Shen Lian in Xiuchun Dao.

Zhang Zhen still has a long way to go in the future, but for so many years, there is such an actor who still does not forget his original ideals and aspirations. After 24 years of debut, he was able to say, "making a movie is to make people more possible." this is the luck of us who live with him in the same era. In any case, 38 is still the best time for a man, let alone in the movie industry where the older he gets, the more valuable he is.

stills of the King's Banquet

not long ago, Wong Kar-wai did a micro-interview on Sina Weibo, during which someone said, "the part of Zhang Zhen in 'Grandmaster' is too lame." Wong Kar-wai replied, "it's hard to buy a sound. It's the true meaning of Dao. Zhang Zhen is a good Dao. Let's hide it first." The reason why Yi Xian Tian (One-Line-Sky) is Yi Xian Tian (One-Line-Sky) and Ma San can only be Ma San is that Yi Xian Tian (One-Line-Sky) knows how to hide.

after Zhang Zhen saw the Weibo, he forwarded and replied: "you are my scabbard. With you, I can't get into trouble."

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"I don't win by quantity in movies. Making money is not my strong point. I don't act by making money. I act because I like movies. It's as simple as that."

"I pay great attention to appearance. I like beautiful things very much. It feels as if I don't have anything to dress up, but there are hidden mysteries. For example, the dirty old T-shirt is deliberately chosen to wear, but the untidy appearance is created by me on purpose. "

"what's better about acting in ancient costumes is that you go back to real life as soon as you take off your clothes, but it's a little more difficult to come out after acting in fashion."

"My view of love is like the music" Finale (Tango Apasionado) "that reflects the scene of Niagara Falls in Spring. The melody is heavy and sad, like describing a deep emotion in my heart."

"I'm just a filmmaker, so it doesn't matter if I'm poor. I think it is enough to have a dream and spirit. "