"I'm not that coward anymore."

"I'm not that coward anymore."

I can do without you.

on the day I went to dinner with my friends, I still had a cold and sniffled softly at the dinner table.

several friends were smoking and chatting. When the smoke came, they choked me and hurriedly covered their mouths with paper towels. I think I must have looked very embarrassed at that time, my nose was red because I was about to cough tears when I kept coughing.

I remember before when you took me out to dinner, I also caught a cold. I spoke with a nasal voice, and you laughed at me as soon as I made a sound. During the meal, a friend asked you to smoke, you pointed at me, said I was sick, go to the side to smoke.

A lot of little things that I don't care about, it took a long time to realize your mind. It was as cold as Ming Ming, so you said you wanted to take off your coat and give it to me when you were wearing too much. In a direction that was not going the way, you said you could send me back together.

I used to take it for granted that I was considerate and justifiably a coward behind you, watching you help me with some ups and downs in front of me.

I don't know if there has ever been such a character in your life. He may not be tall or excellent, but he stands beside you and hugs you like a hero.

you know, when you are by my side, I can't even unscrew the coke lid.

people are much stronger than they think, and their vulnerabilities are only willing to be shown in front of people who have great trust. No matter how aggrieved I am outside, I just want to cry in front of a person, listen to him say some words of encouragement, and then laugh through the tears.

when he is around, happiness is very simple, happy or unhappy, there is such a person to share, can protect you from the wind and rain, so that you can feel at ease to be a coward.

since when do you find that even heavy luggage can be carried upstairs by yourself; when the light bulb in the room is broken, take the tools and repair them immediately; when there is a lot of stress in life, no one is bothered to endure it alone.

since when do you become more powerful than you think as if you can solve all problems on your own?

Nancy said he was not looking for him.

she deleted all the things about him in her moments, those who deliberately took pictures of him, carefully considered his status, those articles with unknown meanings. The deleted moments are empty.

her usual state is so hot that she suddenly looks like wilting and becomes depressed. She asked me out for dinner, with no look on her face, and told me wearily that her recent life seemed out of control. Friends said: boys have a drink after breaking up, get drunk with their brothers and recover the next day, but girls go through a long series of torments, memories, reality, and love songs after the breakup.

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to be honest, women are much more vulnerable in relationships than men.

the person who once supported half of your life is gone, so you need to carry something heavier on your shoulders. Your tears become meaningless, sad can only be told to yourself.

Nancy is such a state. She tells me that every day when Rest turns around, I think of him, of his steady Rest breath, of the black T-shirt he likes to wear, of his exaggerated laughter.

every corner of the room is in the past.

since when do you realize that you can no longer be a coward in front of a person? After that, you have to go through every experience alone; you have to live through every difficulty by yourself, and you have to digest every tear by yourself.

every girl should have the power to protect herself when no one is around;

if you can't get your strength from others, learn to protect yourself.

listening to music at home, the playlist you sent me before sounds like going back to the happy days, laughing and crying, but fortunately, I don't like you anymore.

try not to cry when you are sad. I don't want to cry too badly. Whether I am happy, brave, simple, or not has something to do with you.

you no longer have to worry about hearing yourself teased after doing something embarrassing.

has been out of the status of a coward for a long time.

but who doesn't want to be protected all the time like a child? when we don't meet that person, what we need is to save more and more strength, enough to protect ourselves.