"it's sad and easy for me to leave you."

"it's sad and easy for me to leave you."

Fall in love with a wrong person is also, obviously can not see the future, but still be brainwashed by the warmth of a moment, thinking that as long as they take a step back, two people can go further.

when I am free on weekends, I watch movies at home.

this time I chose the old movie Brokeback Mountain, and I cried so much that I still cried in the sentence "I wish I knew how to quit you."

I especially like this sentence, hope with a sense of decadence, there is an elegant sense of weightlessness. Quitting a person is like quitting smoking, knowing that it has already been a habit, or bearing the pain to peel this part out of life. Smoke is used to talking to comfort sustenance, is every lonely night somniloquy bearing, people are not. In those stories made up of anxiously waiting and trying to please, his appearance has become your most unique inner monologue.

my college classmate squeaked and forwarded a constellation in the moments, explaining the Leo scum:

"Lion scum is a kind of morbid scum. When a lion starts to suck, then the lion must have been hurt, and he can't forget his ex. So the lion will show a particularly terrible morbid scum-"do everything but nothing,"

she retweeted, "it's me. "

the squeaky ex I remember was the prodigal son Ben Lang. I don't know how they got together. After they got together, the boys didn't post on moments, or even when they took her out to dinner, their friends asked them, "are you, boyfriend and girlfriend?" "the boy remained silent.

I asked her at that time, "you can make it public in moments."

she replied awkwardly, "I'm afraid he'll be angry."

maybe people are so humble. the more unkind others are to you, the more you want to pursue them, as if you are inferior, thinking about his feelings and wronging yourself everywhere. But in this way, in exchange for what, only the endless grievances and nowhere to pour out the feelings.

some people are hard to quit

because he pinches your lifeline accurately.

squeak meets such a person. She was so the sense of security-free in her relationship that she answered a message several hours late, worried to death. When with that boyfriend, the boy replied to the news especially according to the mood, happy to return in a second, or suddenly disappeared, there was no news for a day.

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at first, she would cry, but the boy only responded coldly, "what do you like to do?" OK, then I won't make a scene or cry. I'll be the most sensible girlfriend in the world. I won't ask you where you go. I don't care who you eat with. She thought so and shut the door to herself in her heart.

the reason why a prodigal son is a prodigal son must be that the waves are boundless. The final breakup was because someone on the squeaky Weibo, a private message she said the boy's routine. It was another girl who had been a mistress for several months before she found out that the boy still had a real girlfriend squeak. When she received the private message, squeak almost collapsed, and the dam she had erected in her heart suddenly collapsed.

people who are good at routines are good at making people addicted to relationships. Like smoking, know that it is wrong, bad for health, but still can not resist the thick nicotine, as if can wrap all the taste of your grief. Falling in love with the wrong person is also, obviously can not see the future, but still be brainwashed by the warmth of a moment, thinking that as long as they take a step back, two people can go further.

later squeak, just like the circle of friends she forwarded, took the same route that didn't go away easily. The addiction in her heart should have never been put down, so she tried to find her relief in other stories.

in Xiao Yaxuan's song "the wrong person", there are four very classic lyrics:

knowing that love is not secure, but I still try my best to jump in

knowing that it may be a prison

, but I still believe it's just suffering

. I wish I knew how to quit you.

I know it's hard, but it's good for me.