"some people don't know where to go, but no one can replace it."

"some people don't know where to go, but no one can replace it."

It always takes a long time to realize that that person has given you a special meaning to do these things.


especially envy the person who can fall in love with someone who makes people blush and heartbeat just like the ambiguous period. Do not know why, and some people together, are not tired of a long time, every small action, there is a romantic feeling of pink bubbles all over the screen. With this person, saying love words and doing love things that are not greasy, I just want to set him up for the rest of his life.

two years, four years, eight years, or more.

I used to think that love is just a formalistic romance, which doesn't have much to do with who is around you. So when I walked the same way with different people, ate at the same restaurant, listened to the same singer's concert, and even traveled to the same place, I thought I could find something more or less the same. However, no one can replace the feeling of being with you.


B told me that after the breakup, he would take every little sister he liked to that restaurant. That restaurant is expensive, and it's not a small expense to eat a meal. But he insisted, even insisting that the manager reserve the seat closest to the window for him.

he said that he sat in this position when he first confessed his love to her.

he said he also booked this restaurant for her birthday.

he said I want to forget her.

he thought that as long as he and enough different people, experienced the things she had experienced together, those hot memories could gradually extinguish and return to peace.

I asked him, have you forgotten her now?

he didn't speak.


I used to have this habit. When I try to forget you, I will ask the person who asked me to take me to the place where you have taken me, thinking that if there are enough people and things to fill our memories, then you will become insignificant.

but no matter how many familiar habits we have, covering the tacit understanding of sweet talk, affection, and ecstasy, it seems too shallow and superficial. No matter how delicious a meal is, you will get tired of eating too much; in the same place, you will get tired of going to the same place for a long time, just because you never get tired of being with yourself.

so no matter how deliberately you forget, you can only remember it more clearly.

it always takes a long time to realize that that person has given you a special meaning to do these things. You revolve around him like a small animal, wagging your tail, shining in your eyes, and automatically embedding filters in your brain. He is so attractive to you.

there is some tacit understanding, which is something that others cannot understand or replace, just like it was meant to be.

all you want is to be around him for the rest of your life, quarreling, laughing, and staring. No matter how vulgar love words, no matter how familiar the picture, no matter how many times the dialogue is repeated, still blushing and heartbeat, love at first sight.


B told me that he had tried so many times, but every time he passed by the restaurant, all he thought of was the details of being with her. She ate slowly, she didn't like the taste of champagne here, and when he drank too much, he liked to spin his fingers around the edge of the plate, and everything about other people was blurred.

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"loving deeply is like a life", no one can escape.

Xi Murong wrote,

"all I look forward to is that moment if I can meet you on a hillside full of gardenia flowers."

Jane Zhen wrote

"your eyes are sea, smoke blue, two black pupils are shy, swimming whales."

Wang Xiaobo wrote,