"Sorry, I just saw it."

"Sorry, I just saw it."

Where are you?


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very late, I sent him a message, "where is it?"

Let yourself watch TV for a while, wash an apple, heat a glass of milk, and then check your cell phone, but there is still no reply. I know that usually at this time, you are still awake, you may be having a good time outside with your friends, and you don't pay attention to the ringing of your cell phone, but I think you are a person who can't leave your cell phone, so how can you not hear from me?

Xiao F told me that the person he likes, she doesn't like him. It is very obvious that the time of replying to the message is getting slower and slower, and the content of the reply is getting simpler and simpler. WeChat, which is not asking questions, falls into silence, and there are more emoji expressions than words.

you see, it's so obvious that people who don't like you even find it hard to talk to you.

chasing Ode to Joy at home with friends, seeing Andy confess her life story to Xiaobao, she looks like "if you want to go, I don't blame you". Xiaobao never said anything and hugged Andy deeply from behind. Andy's little body was curled up in Bao's arms and heard the man who loved her say, "I love you."

there are a lot of things that don't need a special response at all. Sometimes chat with girlfriends, talk about their relationship with their boyfriends, always quarrel because of some trivial things, each other feel that each other does not pay attention to themselves. Huahua looked for her boyfriend one night and made a lot of phone calls but did not answer. The next day her boyfriend took her out to dinner as if nothing had happened, and she was very popular immediately.

"where did you go yesterday? Why didn't you answer the phone? Did you do something behind my back? " Huahua is aggressive.

"I didn't do anything at all. I went to bed early yesterday, so I didn't get a call. I knew I was going to see each other today, so I didn't call back." Boys are also a little baffled.

Huahua stood in front of her boyfriend and burst into tears. "you don't care how I feel, where on earth have you been?"

the boyfriend felt unreasonable and left in silence.

onlookers can see at a glance that Huahua just wants comfort and wants a simple sentence, "I love you, I love you very much". As long as you hold her in your arms, you can get rid of anything. It was only because she didn't have a sense of security that she used such a silly way to pretend to push away, but wanted to hug each other tightly in her heart.


the person you like, how can you know that he likes you, too?

A friend asked me this before. I've been thinking for a long time that if I replace the person I care about with anyone, with a look and a move, I can be at least 80% sure that he has good feelings for me. I'm also 80% sure I can make him fall in love with me.

it seems that for people who don't care much, there is more or less a scale in mind, which can measure the degree of liking and respond accordingly. But once you change to the person you like, because you have thoughts in your heart, you will always exaggerate or ignore his reaction and find all kinds of reasons to convince yourself in detail.

he is your Achilles heel, which makes it impossible for you to resist.

every time I send Wechat to him, I always go up to see what I talked about and then guess between the lines his mood and expression at that time, how much attention he has put on me, and whether his interest in me has diminished. Sometimes I often scare myself.

when he didn't reply for a while, he was always worried about whether he suddenly hated himself. When his news came, he said, "I was driving just now, but I didn't see it," and then went on with the unfinished topic. I will be grateful again and think that he must like himself.

chatting with the person you like, the mood goes up and down like this, and there is a lot of suspicions.

what to do? to be honest, I'm not sure if you like me. I'm afraid you're just so gentle to everyone. I'm afraid you just think it's impolite not to reply, but I'm always looking forward to every message you send.

I like you. Do you like me?