"Today's young people are so cool."

"Today's young people are so cool."

Today's young people are really "strange"

every time someone or something breaks out, there will be people around you feeling this sentence. Young people seem to like to watch everything, watching housekeeping aunts do housework, squatting live to watch handmade people knitting sweaters, watching movie projectionists trek across mountains and rivers to show movies, and seeing how professional farmers raise a cow. As for myself, I don't like watching popular TV shows or variety shows more and more, but as soon as I get to dinner, I start looking for videos that record real life, watching on-screen comments, and eating at the same time. I later thought about what young people are after. It is probably the "real" life, the "natural" scenery, and the heavy sense of "traditional culture".

Pastoral life is our poem and faraway

from Huanong Brother, West Yunnan Brother, to Li Ziqi, Pastoral Life seems to have always been a poem and a distant place in the tired life of young people. It seems that everyone has changed from "what's good to see here" to "really fragrant". I remember living in the country when I was a child. I was very interested in many things growing in the land. I went with adults to pick cotton and dig sweet potatoes, and I would go with the children to break corn and roast corn on the spot. In my grandmother's yard, there was also a vine. From the first grape turned red, I picked a few persimmons a day to eat, and so on. But when they grow up, these lives become memories, and there are many friends around them. Since childhood, most of them have never experienced "pastoral life". They have reaped what they have sowed and become a sentence learned in books. I think this is also the reason why people like to watch those videos. In other people's shots, watching a flower blossom, watching the results of plants, watching the change of seasons, but also, to some extent, make up for the serenity and beauty that we cannot harvest in urban life.

traditional culture is not vulgar at all.

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have you noticed that more and more young people like a traditional culture now? I have a friend who is very fond of watching plays. She flies to see the scene wherever there is a performance in any city. Yue Opera, Henan Opera, and Huangmei Opera are all in her heart. As a ticket lover for a long time, but also spontaneously became a "publicity ambassador", with professional equipment to take pictures, write a small composition for love power generation, often Amway everyone goes to see the show. Some friends became obsessed with working as a carpenter. At first, she made spoons for herself, and then she advanced to making decorations and furniture. She often posted pictures of the beautiful wood she found and showed the newly made gadgets in a piece of sawdust. Later, she simply resigned to set up her studio to learn more professional knowledge, to sell unique finished products, and to feed herself with interest. When you think about it, young people's love for traditional culture and traditional objects is very pure. Some people love the sense of history hidden behind them, while others like the spirit of craftsmen. Industrialization and modernization may be very efficient, but nothing can replace the traditional charm.

Fashion is reincarnation, "Hualiu" is the most powerful

isn't it particularly popular Korean Wave photos some time ago? in a video, we find out Jay Chou's phrase "Hualiu is the most hanging". Then, under this background music, I saw the clothing with ethnic minority characteristics, the national trend boutique, the beautifully designed cheongsam, and the full-styled display of Chinese clothing, each with Chinese characteristics, and everyone on display was also young people. In recent years, it is obvious that more and more people wear Chinese clothes on the street. At first, many people felt good-looking when they came into contact with Hanfu, and then they began to study collocation. Because they like Hanfu, they began to study Han culture, made their decorations, and opened accounts to popularize the knowledge of Hanfu. It is not utilitarian to do this. I just hope that more people can get close to Chinese culture.

so, ah, young people are not strange. They are becoming more and more confident in displaying traditional culture, loving the national tide, and want to learn more about traditional culture and historical allusions. I often watch some popular science videos on bilibili. The more I watch it, the more I feel that we still know too little.

the previous programs of "Tang Palace Night Banquet" and "underwater Flying Apsaras" on Henan Satellite TV are also popular all over the network, which shows everyone's love for traditional culture. This is also the reason why Pudong Development Bank Credit Card and Bili Bili and Dunhuang Research Institute cooperate to design card noodles with the image of 2233 and Dunhuang Jielaotian (musicians playing in the Heavenly Palace) and work with young people to better promote traditional culture.

the card as a whole is like a heavenly palace dance feast, the image of flying apsaras, red and green ribbons, embellishment, at a glance is immortal and dreamy feeling, good-looking and distinctive, whether it is used or collected, is a good choice. In addition to the good appearance, the card rights and interests are also full, and the successful users of the card can enjoy the limited time benefit of 180 yuan reduction of the layout fee. And as long as the designated channel consumption within 30 days of the credit card, you can get a bilibili big membership annual card, and it will be great to watch the show! The most important thing this time is the "blind box" surprise! Cardholders can get a blind box of 2233 joint collectibles if they spend 66 yuan in 3 strokes in the first month, 66 yuan in 2 strokes in the second month, and 66 yuan in the third month. The Blind Box has a total of four different Dunhuang Q version characters, each of which is a cute little girl playing music, sitting or standing, the two lovely ones with blue hair are cold, and the two with white hair have a feeling of immortal fluttering, no matter in terms of demeanor and movement, or from the overall design, they can give people a sense of vision of "bringing Dunhuang home", which makes people want to have them all. However, as you can see, each person can get up to 3, so blind box users, do not forget to call their friends, hurry up to act, we exchange with each other, together to collect a whole set of blind boxes! There are more credit card rights and interests, you can unlock by yourself! In short, the blessings of good looks and blind boxes are enough to move me. "Modernization" of traditional culture and daily lifeThe combination of life, in their way, so that more people understand the tradition, fall in love with the tradition, is probably a romance that belongs exclusively to young people.