"We should be in awe of life."

"We should be in awe of life."


the fireman in the sad movie

told his girlfriend I love you

but life is not a movie

Today they rushed into the fire

and didn't even have time to say goodbye

I don't know why,

there have been so many natural and man-made disasters these days.

about death, I have to say that I am afraid of death.

so I am also afraid to hear the death of innocent people in the face of natural and man-made disasters with no room to fight back.

especially if they don't know anything about the sudden death.

Tianjin, when I saw,

"the moment the firefighters rushed into the fire, there was a huge explosion." I feel really bad when I say this sentence.

it's as if we burned an ant with a magnifying glass.

it's as if we were watering the ant colony with a sprinkler gun.

what people look like in the face of disaster is powerless.

whether the disaster is natural or man-made.

I used to think that death was not so terrible.

but the bigger I get, the more I want to live healthily and well.

because you are not just a person,

your life represents your family.

"sacrificed, dead."

"if I can't come back, my father is your father. Remember to visit my mother's grave."

this sentence has made me miserable all morning.

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even so, there is no turning back when you know what lies ahead.

it's like the plot of the movie.

Private Ryan landed in Normandy, the bomb fell beside him,

his ears were shocked out of hearing, and he was surrounded by charred people, a suicide note written in advance and a backpack engraved with his name.

they were so brave that they rushed into the fire in spite of the fire.

the people around you may also have left this world in their sleep.

most people don't even say goodbye.

and their parents and families can only get news of their sacrifice.

I just hope that the official media can truthfully report this news,

which soldiers died, how many,

those with names and photos tell everyone how brave they are.

this may also be a comfort to their families.

find out the cause of this explosion truthfully.

Don't let the disaster happen again.

I always think that media reports should be objective and accurate, and

should be in awe of life.

I wrote this article temporarily. I don't know what I can do for you at this time.

I don't want to post videos of explosions. It's of no use except to marvel.

so I found the blood donation station in Tianjin and the telephone number of the hospital.

if you need help, please trust me backstage.

I will try my best to do this from the media, although weak, but add up.