"what are you doing? Who are you with? "

"what are you doing? Who are you with? "

At that time, I realized that in the past few years, I had never asked anyone I liked the most common sentence: "what are you doing and who are you with?"


I am a possessive bad-tempered Leo. I must vent my anger with great fanfare. I must cry louder and louder when I am comforted. I must win the game. I have to win the quarrel even if it is wrong. I don't eat soft or hard. No matter who he is, no matter who he is, no matter who he is. slam the door and leave, walk and turn around, take care of everything, know everything, all kinds of passwords, what are you doing? Things like this are justified.

with great ambition, I want to build a stronghold in my lover's heart like a small reunion in the world, build landmarks, set up tall buildings, spread love all over the land, and have the desire and possession to grow up. No one can touch it, not even take a look at it. I think the world is so dangerous, the people I love can only stay by my side, and I also think that my lover is the initiative. I need everyone to shout if I want to win beautifully.

this is who I am from 18 to 21. It's exhausting to compete with yourself in a not-so-short relationship. Constantly give up, and then continue to pick up this feeling, to push away, but also can not help but want to get close, do not want to continue, do not want to lose. There is nothing suddenly enlightened, I know only in an inch of advance and retreat repeatedly, the original life can give you, but love, I can only stop here.


later, when I fell in love and broke up, I also tried to be ambiguous with others. People and people a game, maybe all I want is full of fun in the process. I don't think there is anything necessary, and I understand that there is never a clear distinction between black and white in the problems of men and women. Roll in the world of mortals, probably everyone is a female classmate with a story.

having dinner with friends the other day, the neighbor's little girlfriend sent Wechat, "where are you and who are you? why didn't you answer the video?" it was only then that I realized that in the past few years, I had never asked anyone I liked the most common sentence, what you were doing and who you were with.

I also said jokingly that although I don't have a boyfriend, it can be said that I am a qualified girlfriend now. Give the footballer freedom, but also rest assured that the other party has no worries in their own space, knows the sense of size, understands the weaknesses of human nature, can play by themselves, and can play happily with others. Clingy can, independent can, love to eat meat, can make money, willing to be caught in one more rain, can also drink one more glass of wine.


I become more comfortable, happier, and less afraid of losing, but I no longer have any scruples to get close to a person. in this way, there is indeed a sigh. But I know there will be more things and moods for a while, once in the past, there will be no return. That's why we mention it so often that it's no longer a pity if people cherish it.  

Life is long or short, love is the constant flames of the bright sun at noon or the darkness of a touch of moonlight. After the day and night, the evening breeze slowly, from which moment began to be related to another person. Do not crave, is it free and easy to have anything.

all this, I don't have an answer, and I don't have to have an answer. I don't want to put my heart honestly in my stomach, but I am very willing to be nervous so that the outcome that I can't guess has been rewritten into another script by everyone who has ever loved. I don't want to have all of you, as long as I like your little tenderness, I want to give you a lot of sweeter honey. Life is so hard, how can I bear to let you have more bondage. If you are not mine, at least I love you or hate you, word by word, sigh, all mine, you see.


the young children are old, and the sideburns of the female students in the story will eventually fall with a touch of snow. if you can understand that people come and go, desire, possession will inevitably fail, memory will laugh, silence will also go with the wind. Do you still blame the rush of time?

I am lucky to have such a bad temper at a young age.

it's not a bad thing to understand what you didn't know before.

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I used to say that I was unreasonable, but now I thank you for letting me have a memory that I don't need to be reasonable but only need to talk about my mood.

after the mountains are high and the road is long, I will still be indefatigable.

I want to embrace the next memory vividly and enthusiastically.

I want to fall in love with a "you" and fall in love with myself around you.

recently, I deeply feel that

some feelings of "jealousy" have returned.

No one has been able to give me a kind of "possessiveness" for several years, and I understand that this is a kind of care. I care about where this person is and who he is with. I also care about the change in my heart when this person ignores me a little. I am not such a chic person anymore, but I love the possibility of two people more. He talks about multiple identities in my life.

I become more comfortable and happier, but more afraid of losing after meeting the one I love. But I still have no scruples to get close to a person, which is the luckiest thing I feel at the moment.