"when can I really love myself?"

"when can I really love myself?"

recently discovered one thing. Although he always prides himself on being a "selfish" person who thinks of himself very much, it is very difficult to be satisfied with himself for most of his life. I am really good. I always talk about it, but I can't reach the bottom of my heart.

when chatting with friends, he said: did you find that girls seem to be born dissatisfied with themselves? it's too hard to always find fault with yourself, no matter how hard you try, whether you look in the mirror or take a selfie. No matter how hard you try, you always feel worse and better.

the words "love yourself" may be the subject of a girl's life.

bid farewell to the dominant role, the dominance is not so terrible  

to ask a question first, do you think a boy must take the initiative to fall in love?

for some reason, most girls like to be pursued and coaxed when they are in love. Recently, my little sister was having an affair with a boy and kept asking me why he didn't confess. I said if he confessed, would you say yes? she said 99% would.

so I asked, why can't you take the initiative, imply or express your mind? she said, how can that work? girls should be reserved. I can't let him think that I was attracted first.

but dear, love is not a game of "guess what I'm thinking". Isn't it a bad thing that we don't have to be reserved forever, waiting to be pursued, dominated, pushed by each other, and lose control and dominance in life?

confess as soon as you like, and feel that the time is ripe to enter the next stage of love. Do you want to take the initiative? these are all remote controls that can be controlled by ourselves. Only by taking the initiative to make choices, can we better decide our own life, can't we?

remember, to love yourself, it's important to be able to decide what to do on your initiative.

say goodbye to the last row and sit forward

for some reason, the habit of shrinking seems to be a common feature of many girls.

when I was at school, the teacher asked: if people who can do this problem raise their hands, they will give up their hands because they are shy or unsure whether their answers are correct; after work, they will always sit on the stool in the corner for the first time in meetings, and never take the initiative to express their thoughts until they are named, even if they have a great idea.

perhaps most girls are not good at fighting for opportunities for themselves, do not like the limelight, do not dare to "make mistakes" and do not take the initiative.

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but in fact, the workplace does not seem to apply to the truth that the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. I have heard the girls around me say more than once that I envy those who dare to take the challenge on their initiative. They seem to be glowing.

then why not do it?

Don't always fall back, speak actively, and take responsibility bravely. Only in this way can you win the opportunity and avoid the things you don't want to do. Girls don't always have to stay in the last row as a foil, want to be good people, or want to be ordinary people, you have to follow your inner choice, and most importantly, you have to take the initiative to choose.

you are a great person, believe that!

bid farewell to physical anxiety, but there is no need to lie down and laugh at Ren

when I went out to play some time ago, I saw a row of columns in the scenic area, with large and small intervals, respectively writing about the devil's figure, ordinary girl, it's time to lose weight and become a pig to eat. Many people went through there to see what they corresponded to. I rolled my eyes wildly.

body judgment exists in every aspect of life.

when bm girls were very popular in the past two years, the whole style of clothing was in the style of waist size and belly exposure, which simply could not be worn, and brought a lot of body anxiety, but this year it seems to be more popular to use "real" to break the anxiety. Many bloggers take the initiative to share their body defects and facial shortcomings:

perfect skin is the effect of makeup, and there are all kinds of spots after removing makeup.

the protruding and protruding figure is concave, and everyone has a belly after a meal;

the ultra-thin clothes can only be seen in the front, and the meat is also strangled at the back.

it's part of the job to be perfect in front of the camera. The reality is that no one is perfect, and you don't have to enlarge and torture yourself with a little flaw.  

loving oneself is not the pursuit of extreme white and thin, nor is it completely indulgent lying down and laughing. The body is our own, and keeping healthy is the purpose of our exercise and maintaining good eating habits.

the next time you eat too much, don't hate yourself. If you let go of anxiety, you will get better faster.