"when I put you down, you are nothing."

"when I put you down, you are nothing."

Maybe in everyone's heart, there is a person who wants to become a passer-by.

while listening to music, I saw a netizen's comment:

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"for example, people like me are not suitable for falling in love, because love will awaken my possessiveness, control, and suspicion, and will also seduce my parochialism, selfishness, and sensitivity. however, each of these emotions is enough to cause pain to me and the people I love, and the more I love, the more serious it is."

I feel like I'm talking about it in a moment. When you meet that person, the body reacts unnaturally, and your eyes and ears become more sensitive than ever before, capturing his details frame by frame and magnifying his movements. Look at him sideways and look at his cell phone and suddenly laugh and wonder who he is talking to. When you hear his voice on Wechat, is it a girl with a soft voice?

there is always a moment when you feel that you have failed, and then you fall into that person's hands. My heart is full of care and concern, pondering each other's words and deeds like words, pretending to please, and agreeing. The moment you see his profile picture on your phone, you know, your heart is locked.

on the contrary, let go of one's feelings, painless.

you have become a passer-by.

she was chatting with her friends in the group yesterday. She said that she saw her ex-boyfriend getting married at the moment and posted photos of their mutual friends at that time. All nine pictures showed the bride and groom sweet together. We all thought she would be unhappy, or at least ask us out for a drink, but she rowed across the state without being salty and even casually asked for alike.

when one of my college roommates went to an art exhibition, I met my ex with his current girlfriend. When she was seen from afar, the ex was still a little nervous and twisted to pull the incumbent around, but she stood where she was, nodded to her predecessor's position, and smiled politely. All the grudges of the past suddenly disappeared in this nod.

there is also a colleague who ran into his ex-girlfriend when he was attending a friend's birthday party. Because it was two circles of people who got together for dinner, the birthday boy didn't expect to encounter such a bloody thing. When he took his seat, he came late and happened to be sitting opposite his predecessor. At that time, how many chickens and dogs were hysterical, and now there was much peace and silence, but when he left, he said hello, "long time no see."

when you became a passer-by, I also dispelled my possessiveness, my selfishness, my arrogance, my humility. You and I are just passing strangers, can maintain the surface of peace.

from us to them, and finally, to him, we can't know what happens to a relationship at the beginning. The plot can be absurd and unstructured, and the story is only a few chapters. Fortunately, we all have our days to come.

after you became a passer-by, I silently changed your remarks back to your original name, pulled you out of the group, canceled your star, untied "do not look at his circle of friends", and let your joys and sorrows flow in my life.

forget it all. Forget it. Break it up. Break it up.

I remember a girlfriend of mine who called herself "cold-blooded and rational". She talked to me about her ex-boyfriend one day. She took out an old cell phone and charged it for half an hour, just to show me the photos she had saved. And the letters they sent to each other in the past.

the moment the phone was turned on, she smiled and cheerfully introduced me to the photos they had traveled together in the past. Later, I was tired. I sat on the sofa and looked at the computer. When I looked up, I saw her still sitting next to the charged old mobile phone, flipping through the photo album.

maybe there is someone in everyone's heart who wants to be a passer-by.