"when I think of you, my face smiles."

"when I think of you, my face smiles."

Like may just be fresh, this life, come and go, I also met a lot of people who moved me. Love is a sense of belonging, a person who can not only move people's hearts, but also make people feel at ease.

every time I see my friends around me giggling at my mobile phone,

I know I must be in love.

when I think of you, I will smile with satisfaction.

you are energy.


KK used to like a boy, that boy especially likes AJ sneakers. KK is a student, his pocket money is just enough to spend, and he usually adds only one or two hundred small things to himself. But she was frugal for the boy and finally bought a pair of AJ from the purchasing agent that the boy had always wanted to buy.

she is not a lavish girl, and she can save herself, but I don't know why, she said, "I want to give him everything he likes and make him happy every day."

maybe that's what happens in my heart when I like you. I want to give you all the best things and all the things you like. I hope you can sleep sweetly and wake up happy every day.

I want to see you countless times. I want to hold you from behind, bury my head in your body, and smell your good smell. I always imagine holding hands with you, kissing you, and doing all the sweet things with you, but the truth is, I am a very careful and passive person.


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whenever you meet a new person and have a good feeling for him, you always have the habit of hiding your love first, afraid of unnecessary giving, and afraid of indifferent responses. But when people like it, they are so greedy, want some response, want some feedback, after all, how embarrassing it is to have a hot face and a cold ass.

maybe love is just a sense of freshness. I have met a lot of people who have moved me in my whole life. Love is a sense of belonging, a person who can not only move people's hearts but also make people feel at ease. When we meet that person, we are always hesitant about whether we should go forward, fight for it, or be brave.

on a rainy day, I want to wait for the person who can bring me an umbrella, not wait for the rain to stop. Every time I make an appointment with you, I will nervously start to prepare early, put on makeup for fear of too much makeup or too little makeup, worry about wearing clothes that don't look so good, and spray too much perfume to make you feel deliberate. I don't want to leave out any details that will make you feel casual.

I went shopping with a boyfriend before. I remember that he was not interested in shopping all the time, and it was strange to ask me out all of a sudden. He was coy for a long time, then told me that he recently fell in love with a girl who wanted to give her a present for her birthday, but he didn't know what to give her.

that day, when we were shopping in such a big shopping mall from daytime to dark, he stood at the door of a women's clothing store, looked at the beautiful clothes in the window, and said to me, "these clothes must look good on her."


Chen Yizhen's song "my inner activities when I fell in love with you", I loved it so much that I listened to it over and over again. She sang at the end, "you know what /today's news /on Highway 1 /the bridge is broken /are we still going /will it be repaired for a year /can we wait for a year /you still go /you like it"

you know, at that time, the cherry trees on both sides of the side of the street where you used to hang out were already covered with cherry blossoms, covering the road all over the road, and your favorite restaurant changed its facade. It looks like a ramen shop in Japanese animation.

do you remember the scenery that you and I are both familiar with?

when I am in love,

every time I think of the place I started or walked through with each other, the heartbeat in my heart will reappear.