"When you've lived through those three deaths, you'll be a photographer"-2


"nudity is the most natural state of human beings. 

If clothing is the so-called wisdom or civilization, what I want to show is the natural state of people after getting rid of all these external appendages. 

In fact, people who are naked are the most free of distractions. If men's feelings are straight, then women's feelings are curved. 

It's a good feeling, and I like it. 

I like life and beauty from the bottom of my heart. " 

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"when a photographer shoots a subject, the photographer is a slave relative to the subject. 

When we shoot female subjects, we are slaves. 

So we cannot assert or insist that you are in their tolerance. 

My subjects inspire me much more than other photographers, artists and writers. " 

"Love is determined by the number of shutters." 

Looking at Araki's photography, people will find that he is a photographer who constantly creates topics and deals tirelessly with all kinds of women all day long. 

He worked with one woman after another to take pictures of them, many of them nude, and published them. 

On the other hand, the background of his "love affairs" (Araki Jingwei language) is often in those very simple and simple Japanese-style rooms, in this space full of "Japanese interest". Every day, he staged a lively photographic love drama and farce, and then spread it to the public in the form of a photo album, forming wave after wave of Araki Sutra shock waves. 

In the 1990s, Araki published two photo collections about flowers, "Huayin" and "Huaqu". These flowers became the most important themes of Araki's period. 

But don't think that Araki has changed his temperament and specializes in scenery. 

Huayin is usually called Hua Xin. 

But Araki Jing only seems to be the pussy of the flower. 

The photos are all taken of flowers, and the background is all black, only the vulva of the colorful blooming flowers is showing off. 

Araki is a naked man, he said: "Huayin, that is, vulva." 

This is all the motivation for Araki to shoot the flower core. 

So his flowers also exude a strong erotic flavor, like those colorful women in the streets of Shibuya, opening every pore waiting to be watered. 

This is also the reason why Araki became a "genius Araki". He gave his feelings to his subjects, and even made them completely abandon their own characteristics, and he reshaped them with his camera. 

Extreme erotic beauty, unlimited sensual fantasy, I do not know whether the camera is entangling with the woman, or Araki is entangling with the woman. I only remember such a picture: a woman in a kimono, squatting by a mottled wall, beside her feet are two broken watermelons, the juice is flowing, she is holding a bright red watermelon, but she is sucking, her eyes have no focus.