"would you like to screw the cap of the bottle for me every day?"

"would you like to screw the cap of the bottle for me every day?"

Since childhood, I have been a girl who has nothing to do with beauty, probably because I like it too much. In front of each other, I always have an inferiority complex.


since childhood, I have been a girl who has nothing to do with being beautiful. growing up, I was also a girl who had nothing to do with being easy to get along with. I am used to not asking for help from boys even if I can't unscrew the top of the bottle. I am used to performing no matter how well I sing, I can only stand in the last row. is used to reading books in his seat all day. I am used to being ignored by others. Also accustomed to not saying a word, do not care about the world of others. It's like being surrounded by a shadow forever. This shadow made my student days particularly lonely, but it was also the umbrella I firmly held in my hand.

everyone has an inviolable territory, and mine may be that crumpled, extremely strong self-esteem. I set up a line of defense that only I can see, at least in this place, I will never be a passer-by. You see, the ability to pretend to be chic, pretend not to care, pretend to be indifferent, I've been good at it since I was very young.

Yes, I am the girl who is indifferent and withdrawn in everyone's eyes, and even more often, no one will remember me. No one will remember that before a little girl bowed her head quickly, her eyes were full of curiosity, envy, and a little jealousy of that age.

it has been a year since I worked for Daku. He lives downstairs in my house. I often work overtime. When I get home, I can always see him in the big stall at the gate of the neighborhood. Sometimes I will fill my stomach and silently listen to Dakui finish his jokes and complaints, but more often we stop at nodding politeness. It's just that a woman living alone will always encounter some problems, such as a power outage, tripping, clogging the toilet, clothes being blown to the balcony downstairs by the strong wind, and so on, although this process of familiarity is a little slow. but I began to put Dakui into the scope of acquaintances. Even closer than acquaintances. In these subtle changes, I always thought that I liked him first, and to him, I was probably just a neighbor who lived upstairs. The care he conveyed was just the kindness that was abundant in his life but had no place to vent.


On the coldest days of that winter, I resigned from the company and stayed at home with negative energy and didn't want to go anywhere. Daku used all kinds of temptations and threats to pull me to climb mountains, play games, and play scary haunted houses. After coming out of the haunted house, I kept looking at Da Kui. Although he had been scared out of his mind, he still grabbed my drink. He was screwing the cap of the bottle for me. Looking at it, I panicked. I suddenly decided that I had to say something to alienate him. Because if it goes on like this, I'm afraid I can't help being greedy for more things. and these things cannot be resisted by the umbrella I have held in my hand since I was a child.

"Da Kui, it's easy for me to misunderstand you. We are just neighbors. We don't know each other that well. "

"misunderstand something."

"misunderstand that you have plans for me."

"But I do have plans for you."

"Try something."

"you're not good-looking, so you can't think well. I'm saying I like you. Haven't you seen it for so long? "

Hey, did you see the stars in my eyes when I seemed to see the light on him?

I am with Dakui, and like all couples, we will quarrel, makeup, have the same tacit understanding on many issues, and have different differences on many issues. Daku is popular, has many friends, and has a steady stream of enthusiasm for everything. As for me, I had grown up before I met him, and I prefer to be alone rather than be with a group of people.

I said to Dakui: "maybe I'm not the girlfriend who can talk and laugh with your friends, and I'm not the girlfriend who can stick to you warmly." We are two different kinds of people. "


when Dakui was less serious, he said slowly, "do you remember the 'bizarre conference' we saw together before? Cai Cong talked a lot about his thoughts and experiences that he could not see in the future. he said that in our country, the vast majority of the visually impaired live in an isolated environment. But the physical inconvenience or I can not see the matter itself, is only a person's characteristics or conditions. What makes us encounter problems are the physical obstacles of society and the stereotypes in our minds. "

Sweeten up your modesty in our lace evening dresses. Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

"Why are you saying this now?" I don't understand. Daku said, "in fact, you are trapped in your stereotype. You identify yourself as what kind of person you are, what kind of person I am, you recognize the great differences between us, but you never think that being together is to tolerate these different differences. and mutual tolerance, in the end, is a little change. those cute and clingy people you are talking about are other people's girlfriends, and my girlfriend is you. "Hey, did you see that the dark pictures were all cut up at the end of his hair? It turns out that "different from other people" has never been a reason for us not to enjoy the world. sometimes, what binds us is precisely what we think is "intolerable".

Love is a thing that magnifies shortcomings and can make us have a great tolerance. what about in life, when we meet how much can we tolerate when we see vulnerable groups and meet people with disabilities?


people with disabilities are not alien, but natural persons like us. their imperfections add countless obstacles to their lives that are difficult for us to understand, and what we have to do is not sympathize. Don't let our sympathy, our stereotype, separate the disabled from us. Our two words should also include them and contain them.