"you always do this. I'm really tired."

"you always do this. I'm really tired."

In a relationship, we often can't help weighing our weight in each other's heart, confirming love through all kinds of careful temptations, and being uncontrollably sensitive to each other's every word.

the person I love the most

hurts me the most

you think I'm bulletproof

I think you are invulnerable

the song "you hide it from me"

"I love him and he loves me, but we don't know how to go on."

this is the last sentence in the chat interface between my friend An and me, from 1:32 in the morning, 71 minutes after we said good night to each other at 0:21. Five hours before 0: 00, she had been talking about her relationship with her boyfriend.

her two lines were sent after we finished our chat. At that time, I had fallen asleep in the satisfaction of comforting her. In the early morning, I felt her love

for the relationship between her and her boyfriend fall into the sea, desperately struggling to breathe but powerless. Friend An is dying in this love, and so is his boyfriend.

Zhang ailing said that there is no emotion in the world that is not riddled with holes.

behind love, the grinning leprechaun, there are more temptations of "how much do you love me" and different ways of thinking and EQ.

an adult heart weighs less than 300 grams. This light 300 gram is distributed to parents and relatives, to best friends, to colleagues and friends, to life and distance, to work and dreams. Every part will have an impact on us.

how much does TA account for in your heart?

how much do you have in TA's heart?

in a relationship, we often can't help weighing our weight in each other's hearts, confirming love through all kinds of careful temptations, and being uncontrollably sensitive to each other's every word:

-you and I are a little cold today.

-Why did you reply to my message so late?

-We're just saying a few words and you're about to hang up?

-every time I come to you, I always say I'm busy. Are you busy?


in the process of falling in love, we can't help being possessive, so there will be quarrels of all sizes. The reason for the quarrel is never complicated, it is almost as trivial as above. But trivial quarrels are particularly sensitive because they care.

"you have a sad, I can feel ten, you only need to express a sad, my heart has been broken."

our care for each other is often a sharp weapon to stab each other. So every quarrel in a relationship, big or small, will hurt each other very much.

can we talk properly?

A required course in a relationship during an argument.

some young couples quarrel for a lifetime, while

some little couples accidentally quarrel and hurt each other.

the feelings of friend An is an ancient romance novel, classified as masochism. The hero and heroine don't have a car accident stand-in, but they have the blood of a dog who can't talk well.

-Friends get together, after cooking, the boyfriend took the initiative to wash the dishes, which we highly praise.

-A: "Just for once, you know how to put on airs when you come."

Friends for many years, we know the show of love behind sentence A, but the boyfriend's face was a little hurt at that time.

A later said that the two of us had another fight after we left.

at the beginning of every quarrel, the two of them did not say what they wanted to express, but they lost their minds and poked at each other in the quarrel, and the hurt was hard to say.


at that time, the food on the party table was her boyfriend's favorite taste.

my boyfriend went to wash the dishes because he saw A rub his waist while cooking.

when we fall in love with someone, we surrender our joys and sorrows.

Happiness will be magnified, and so will the hurt.

you can hurt me as much as I love you.

none of us are invulnerable.

Love plays games with each other. I hope you and I can have something to say.

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