[Zhang Guorong] when the wind rises again when watching a movie, it starts from scratch.

[Zhang Guorong] when the wind rises again when watching a movie, it starts from scratch.

I miss Zhang Guorong with 12 movies starred by my brother.

A person, his movies, his songs, his legends. With the deepest love, he is the fireworks of different colors, even if he is looking for the love of the sea and stone on the screen, he should also choose to burn to the gorgeous love. Do not forget to see it, think of it like crazy, a lonely by who to sue.


in 1991

when the wave of revelers continued to boil, he was the most unusual guest to leave early. In the "all over the world" time, the elder brother, the hair elder brother, the red aunt, three people's friendship years, two people compose to keep company, a person The Smiling、Proud Wanderer. To live is to live with the posture of "extraordinary skill", even if the world has a negative account of "truth, goodness, and beauty". If the justice taken can blossom everywhere if the guarded love can flow forever, the songs and smiles of the world, it is the sky above people's heads, and it probably makes no sense to build or not to build the Tower of Babel leading to heaven. Play is like life, but life is always crueler than play. At that time, my brother was still guarding himself for love. At that time, people do not know, one day, he is tired of this empty stage, which day, he no longer has the patience to face the hypocrisy outside the window, he will give up everything and choose "silence is golden". Just wait for "the wind continues to blow", listen to you sing "I have made you happy, you have also made me drunk; you are in my heart, there is no need to ask who to remember. Keep every tear in your eyes, why do you still flow intermittently and silently …. "

letter from Brother to Brother:  in 1991 John Woo arranged for Leslie, Red Aunt, and me to work together to shoot "all over the World". Most of the location of this film was filmed in France, so we all flew to romantic Paris to set the scene. This location feels like a trip, and the partners are all old friends. After work every night, Leslie would lead a team to a different restaurant for dinner. I don't know why he is so good. He knows the restaurants in Paris like the back of his hand. After work every day, everyone goes to eat, drink and have fun. Life is relaxed and happy. I still miss that filming life. In the days after coming back from France, Red Aunt would invite me to catch up with Leslie, sometimes at my house and sometimes at their house. Every time I went to Leslie's house, I would praise his home design for its good taste. This man is indeed an aesthete, so it is very difficult for me to accept that a boy who loves beauty so much will choose to jump off a building and commit suicide. The elder brother recalled his elder brother's drip. A few months before his brother died, the elder brother invited Fage to his house for dinner, and everyone was very happy that night. Brother Fa said, "Leslie (Zhang Guorong) always gives me the impression that he is very optimistic and knows how to take care of people. He didn't tell me anything unhappy that night."

2 Farewell my Concubine


this is a feast in the group play, because of him, it seems to have ten thousand rays of light. In that distant "legend", Yu Ji, who does not want to wake up from the overlord's eyes, can only lock up everything in the dream by drinking a sword, from one to the end, perhaps to repay his loved one's obsession; to close his eyes is not to worry about you, but rather to keep his heart intact as a broken piece of jade. Perhaps, Yu Ji is not the only one who does not want to wake up, a pair of beating eyelashes under the stage, have been drunk in the separation of love and hate under the curtain. Cheng Dieyi, who has no distinction between human drama and drama, knows very well that the drama is not the segment of life, and the chrysanthemum fairy sitting on the seesaw of love. How can the feelings of the three people be placed? There is no extra space, just waiting for a person to quit, long life, short love, Dieyi even has no right to choose never to bow. In the chaotic celestial phenomena of the animal cloud swallowing the setting sun, like a meteor shot down by a bow moon, he falls and he disappears. "when love is a thing of the past," he sings, "if you want to break the past and let tomorrow continue, you will stop asking for my news." Chen Kaige said: after the film was killed, I had a dream that he was wearing a costume and smiled and said, "never say goodbye." I woke up with tears in the corner of my eye, so when he died, I immediately thought of this dream. And made a note for him: "A person can be so clean in the fancy world, what else do you want him to do?" & nbsp; & nbsp; Zhang Fengyi said: every year on April 1, he quietly listens to the song "When Love is a thing of the past." Investor Ms. Xu Feng (wife of the owner of Tomson Group, Tang Jiayu's mother) said: "Dieyi quit smoking and getting addicted to drugs. After filming director Chen Kaige for the first time, he said yes. Guorong was not satisfied and wanted to do it again. After several times in a row, he smashed the glass too hard. As a result, he cut off a piece of meat. Everyone was very nervous. He smiled and said it didn't matter. This time, he finally shot it!. He is very perfect in every detail! " & nbsp;  A letter from Madonna to Leslie Cheung in 1993  :

Dear Leslie, Farewell my Concubine gave me a great shock when it premiered in New York. I haven't been so deeply moved by a movie for a long time. I fell in love with the role of Cheng Dieyi, and I fell in love with you even more. I hope we can meet shortly and wish you a successful premiere in Taipei and love your Madonna forever.



Scholars cannot block the light, and those who want to leave will eventually leave. Qiu left to love, she left to hope. Can not retain the time together, goodbye! The promise to be together in the afterlife. Sometimes an enchanted love needs a kiss from a prince, a foot suitable for a crystal slipper, and sometimes a joint effort to fight a monster. The marriage between yin and yang bears witness to the boundless, shadowless greatness of love. The type on the paper can activate the infinite imagination, but Zhang Guorong's Ning Chichen and Wang Zuxian's Nie Xiaoqian, the portraits that jump out of the screen are perfect interpretations that firmly absorb the imagination. It is no longer clear whether it is Childe Ning or Childe Zhang. My brother's soul lives in every role he plays, and as he said, he expanded. The dimension of life changes the capacity of life. "people say that cats have nine lives, while actors can have more than nine lives, and every movie is a life," he said. " Wang Zuxian once revealed that he was so "evil" in "the Ghost of Beautiful Women" that he almost cried Zhang Guorong. Wang Zu-hsien also said that Zhang Guorong was so young that he was scared to cry when he acted opposite masked palm civet and the snake. However, it is a pity that the opposite play between Zhang Guorong and the masked palm civet did not appear in the film. In addition, it is said that the name of "elder brother" comes from the ghost of the Qian girl. Nie Xiaoqian called Ning Chichen "elder brother". It was also called out on the set, and everyone followed, thus leaving the title of "elder brother". Of course, there are other theories. For example, when Zhang Guorong and Lin Qingxia worked together on the Legend of the White-haired Lady, he praised Lin Qingxia: "Sister, you are so beautiful!" Qingxia replied, "Brother, you are so beautiful!" Since then, the nickname "brother" has been added. But there is also a saying that "the Legend of Divine Heroes changes from East to West" when filming, Wang Zuxian used to call Qingxia "sister" and Zhang Guorong "brother". From then on, everyone called him brother. No matter where it comes from, this is Zhang Guorong's favorite title, because he also has a more affectionate meaning.

4 Legend of the White-haired Witch


ridicule the meaningless "rules" abided by in the world because those willful and overbearing obstacles have fulfilled the legend of "love and not love". If you liberate the punishment of binding hands and feet, maybe love is love, and if you don't love, you don't love. There is no bright sunshine, all this only happens in the night. Noisy rivers and lakes, Taoyuan outside the world, water and fire are incompatible, hot and cold poles, heaven and earth face each other, black and white repel each other, love thrown into such a furnace, it will be reborn like a beautiful fire Phoenix. For love overnight white head, for love jump into the fire, hate or love, must be determined. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the blue moonlight, he praised the wolf girl, "Sister you are so beautiful", and the wolf girl replied, "Brother, you are so beautiful!". In the interview room where the coffee smelled, my brother said, "she is the beauty of the East." Qingxia said, "he is the most handsome man." A beloved song "Beauty and White hair" sings like this: hate this life, blame this night, hate love, can not be separated. Beautiful women with white hair, before and after, have it overnight, doesn't it count, falling in love with each other to white head …. " In filming the Legend of the White-haired Witch, Lin Qingxia told reporters in an interview, "you know it's a mode of communication, I've always said that." When we worked together, we lived in the same apartment, in Huijing Pavilion. Sometimes, when we go back by car together, we spend a lot of time on the road, and we start to talk. Because of some emotional problems, I felt physically and mentally exhausted, and as I spoke, I began to cry. At that time, he (brother) did this (Lin Qingxia said while doing the action, her brother patted her on the back). He (brother) said, "I will be nice to you no matter what." Let me be very moved, I said to myself, he is my friend, is a forever friend.



We have been trapped in the ultimate philosophical question of the security guard, "who are you?" Where are you from? Where are you going? " Therefore, we are all like a bird without feet, always on Fly, always looking for answers. Then, in the most tired and powerless moment, perch on the branch that can rest in peace, that branch may belong to your arms, or it may be the post station where you are kindly taken in. In any case, the bird of paradise will return to heaven. "I have heard people say that there is a kind of bird in this world that has no feet. It can only keep flying and flying. When it is tired, it will Rest in the wind. This kind of bird can only go to the ground once in its life, and that time is when it dies." "I used to think that there was a kind of bird that could fly until the day it died, but in fact, he had never been anywhere. The bird had died from the very beginning." Perhaps, the people in the game are injured birds of paradise. Not only are they unable to stop without feet, but they are also covered with scars. Like the "brother" in this story, he has been wandering, like duckweed, unable to find a shore to dock. But he had the heart, and he said, "I will never forget what I have to remember." Those men and women who floated from his life, Su Lizhen, Mimi, birth mother, adoptive mother, Sir who listened to his heart, another him alive in another time and space, they will not forget him in this life. "where to go", he sang, "I do not know where to go, my feelings, come and go who cares, in the night, looking for some moved …". " Wong Kar-wai: "I don't think I will shoot a biography of Leslie Cheung, or find someone to play Leslie Cheung, because I think he is the only one and cannot be replaced. He is a very special person." Maggie Cheung: "one thing I noticed in a night show in the True Story of Alfie was that we were about to shoot the last scene of the night, which was nearing daylight, in which my character went back to the house of the man who broke her heart and picked up his personal belongings. The camera was facing me, and you would only see his back, and in the end, he would leave the camera and return to the room. Everyone was very tired at that time. The only thing on our mind is that we can go home after shooting Rest early. When the staff was busy turning on the lights and preparing the mirror position, I saw Leslie rehearsing alone. He had to practice until the footsteps to the end of the corridor were the most accurate. "A" is one of the early Synchronize recording films made in Hong Kong when Leslie realized the importance of these details to the whole film and the actors. I was so impressed that I must admit that I quietly stole a teacher from him, which will come in handy in my future films. "



they have always been the combination of AB faces, CD sang, and loved each other for a lifetime. An is so enthusiastic, B is so tranquil, A sleeps in the partying every night and wakes up from B's arms when he is injured; B wakes up at home waiting for someone to come back and sees A's face before he can fall asleep. But it seems that they can not love each other, can not accompany each other to grow old. Even if you forget the world, you can't completely have each other, because they are both sides of AB. "Let's start from the beginning", lovers use this sentence to say goodbye, also use this sentence to get back together. They have to go on and off in that way, unfortunately, the stolen watches can not lock the love "Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)", the last parting, there is no "later". You will also meet similar people because wherever you go, there are people who are very much like you. Just, meet, and then separate. As Cha Xiaoxin said, "Tang Tang will not fall in love with anyone again, because he also gave all his love to his brother."

"the sudden release of Spring" dances in the melody: "you and I are waiting for dawn or brewing in silence, uncovering unspeakable reverie with our lips, you and I, like us, are looking for someone day and night, but we are delusional day and night, and there will be a long time to come." Carina Lau talked about her brother's death: "when everyone cried, he (Tony Leung) looked serious as if nothing had happened. When everyone accepted it, he came!" After about three or four days, he couldn't help being released and cried until he broke down. " From the observation of Zha Xiaoxin for many years, Zhang Guorong is infinitely dependent on Tang and Tang dynasties. Zhang Guorong said, I like him because he is good, really good to me, he will love me and my dog, and he will never look back on his friends and colleagues, but he has nothing to say to me!

7 "heroic character"


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in 1986, the blood gas was uncertain, but the cells of the whole body were full of blood and passion. I think rivers and lakes are "heroic nature". People can't help themselves in rivers and lakes, eye for eye and tooth for a tooth. Fresh and vigorous, I still think that rivers and lakes are "heroic nature", but in my field of vision widened, lengthened, and increased by a few centimeters, with things for the sake of others, I see more things. Between the bandit and the police, in the Brotherhood. In this bloody battle of hatred and hatred, those who see Zhang Guorong, like me, may only see him. Although he is not a tragic hero, nor is he a fierce and unruly great hero, it is like dazzling starlight that illuminates the whole bloody rivers and lakes, showing people the weakness and helplessness of weeping in the world, and, of course, the tenderness of twists and turns. Fall in the "Love at that time": holding you, the original warmth re-emerged in the heart, childhood childish dreams did not pollute. Today, I, and you try side by side, then love now is to add fresh, a look at you, the warmth of the eyes have been electrified, the heart, from the previous dream, has not changed …. John Woo: Zhang Guorong always called John Woo and his wife "master and wife." John Woo said, "before the heroic character, I was very poor. I borrowed a lot of money, and the director's fee I earned was used to pay off my debts. Every time Zhang Guorong saw me, he always asked, 'do you want any help?'I always shook my head, and it was enough for him to have this heart." One year, Leslie Cheung went to Los Angeles to promote Farewell, my Concubine. My wife and I went to a press conference to see him. He was so happy and came to chat with us. Suddenly on Earthquake, Leslie Cheung immediately grabbed me in one hand and my wife's hand in the other. He said, "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Speaking of this, John Woo choked up again. Dillon: "in the film he plays my brother, in life he is a very emotional person, we often chat together, he teaches me Sing, I teach him acting." However, I couldn't sing well, and even Zhang Guorong finally couldn't help saying to me, "you'd better go and practice kung fu!"