2022, please let yourself relax a little bit.

2022, please let yourself relax a little bit.

"We should all know how to cheer ourselves up."

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is super beautiful! Good night, you and the world. In November 2021, based on some considerations, I decided to return to my old business: photography. In order to get familiar with it as soon as possible, I found a photography organization to go to class. I originally went to study with a positive attitude, but when I knew that the youngest of my classmates was in 2002, and I was ten years older than her, I had an inexplicable sense of anxiety. Although I was only less than 30 years old, I still had a sense of anxiety about being surpassed by the post-1995 and post-00s generation. So I was in a state of anxiety throughout December.

especially at a time at the end of the year, plus all kinds of other things, there is really a lot of anxiety. After class in the evening and Brother Hui came home, I was very tired and prepared to brush the variety show to relax. This is also one of the ways that Brother Hui and I decompress every day. Many happy variety shows have already reached the latest issue. Open Douyin "Nice to meet you" season 2 to see that the latest issue has been launched, and the theme of this issue happens to be: decompression.

at the beginning of the program, the counselor graded the guests' anxiety. Peng Yuchang and some other guests assigned to the potato chip table were moderately anxious, while Zhou Xun at the fruit table was slightly anxious. Subsequently, Zhou Xun, Aya, and Peng Yuchang talked to the counselors about their anxiety, and they could see that their anxiety came more from their work, but fortunately, all three of them could find an outlet for their anxiety. But guest Cuiyong was on the verge of anxiety and depression because she had not yet found an exit suitable for her. Cuiyong said that the reason why there is no outlet for her anxiety is that she does not know any way to relieve the stress. all she can do is to keep working, thinking that hard work can resolve her anxiety, but in the end it will accumulate more and more. In fact, everyone has anxiety, especially when they are young. and the more sensitive, self-respecting, thoughtful and distracted people are, the more likely they are to be anxious, because they think highly of themselves and care more about what others think of them. when she was in the car, Aya asked you when you felt stress for the first time in your life. Pumbaa said to take part in the college entrance examination and the first audition; Aya said it was the first time to host; and Zhou Xun's "adult" told her, "you can only play a servant girl, but you can't be the protagonist." she also swore to herself, "then I'll show you." In fact, when I saw Zhou Xun say this sentence, I felt a little sad, and my tears didn't stop, because I could feel the feeling of not being recognized and not being favored, and my feeling came not from the outside world, but from my father. The family atmosphere in Shandong is more patriarchal. My father always thought that I could not, and he never praised me when I was growing up, even though I had done a good job among my peers. Later, I was finally admitted to my favorite university, and my score was much higher than that of his friend's son, but only because his friend's son studied science, and I was a liberal arts student, he still thought I was inferior to others. Since then, I have one more vision in my life: to prove to others that I am good. But later found that although this pressure can become a driving force for efforts, but also put a heavy burden on themselves, will continue to put pressure on themselves, the greater the pressure, there will be more anxiety. in fact, everyone has this kind of anxiety, whether it comes from the original family or society, depending on how we view it and how we deal with it when it occurs. what is the exit of anxiety? Aya says her exit is to do what she likes. the time threshold that people have to cross in their lifetime is very long. If they don't like the work they do, then their happiness will be very low. Zhou Xun said that she herself has a sense of slowing down things, and she will not be in such a hurry for success. In fact, this is the so-called "insensitive force", the anxious things will be roughened, the heart will be more comfortable. The relief that Peng Yuchang gives himself comes from the firmness of his heart and faces it with a smile. What they share is their own way of relieving pressure, and they have been groping out in the pressure for a long time. in the program, the consultant gives some physical methods, such as boxing, camping, Songbo, choir and so on. when it comes to boxing, I can recommend it to you. I used to be a person who likes to stay at home, and sports seem to have nothing to do with me. But since I was with Brother Hui, he taught me about fitness, and slowly I fell in love with fitness and boxing, and I really saw the changes in my body: I became strong and strong, and my anxiety dispelled a lot in the process of exercise. Once, because of something, I was so stressed that I couldn't help wiping tears while sweating in the gym. After the strong> emotion was released, I suddenly felt transparent. Feeling happy and alive was more important than anything else, and the stress and anxiety became less great.  I also like this passage of Zhou Xun, Aya, and Pumbaa chatting with guests when they go camping. When you encounter a problem, if you don't know how to solve it at the moment, maybe we should go for a walk and have a look. see heaven and earth, see all things, see nature, open your senses, listen to the wind, look at trees, feel sunrise and sunset, and open your mind gently. Maybe the answer will come naturally. on the 2nd, I saw such a hot news search, saying that a 57-year-old aunt used 57 paragraphs.Sunrise commemorates rebirth, she gets rid of the shackles of the first half of life, bravely through self-driving to let her body and mind return to a state of peace. I really admire this aunt from the bottom of my heart.

stress and anxiety, who doesn't? Everyone has stress, and of course everyone is anxious, especially young people, social anxiety, career anxiety, emotional anxiety, and so on.

I saw a net picture two days ago. said that people are anxious because they just want to do a lot of things at the same time and want to see the effect immediately . I think he is right. This mentality leads to the anxiety reduced to a period of time, and the concentration of anxiety will be very high.

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and we will find that anxiety is really unavoidable, so what we can do is to learn to decompress. discover the source of anxiety, and then try to relieve stress that suits you, and turn the appropriate stress into motivation rather than accumulating in the body. after watching this program, we feel that the decompression method that Zhou Xun and Peng Yuchang tried in the program is worth learning. Zhou Xun relaxed to sleep naturally in the experience of Songbo, which is a good way for us who often suffer from insomnia. Brother Hui and I plan to find a place in Beijing next week to experience the real feeling of emptying. When camping, they mentioned the feeling of "rain beating on the cloth". I also like it very much. This feeling of natural white noise is very cured. You can also try to drive to the mountains with your friends on weekends. in nature, people's troubles become very small. Brother Hui and I often go to the mountains around Beijing to drive ourselves on weekends, and we are really in a good mood. There are also some ways to relieve pressure in the program. If you are under a lot of pressure recently, you can take a look at the latest issue of "Nice to meet you". In the contemporary rapidly developing society, we have gradually made a transition from solving the problem of food and clothing to the pursuit of spiritual level, and at the same time, stress and anxiety are also accompanied. I am very glad that there is such a variety show not only to discuss the anxiety of contemporary people, but also to give young people some reference on decompression methods, and to encourage young people to find ways of decompression that are suitable for themselves. the first program has benefited a lot. I highly recommend it to all of you. (photography: Wenjei Cheng Zheng Wenzheng) the pace of life is different between people and people. Some people take three minutes to make noodles and some people take three hours to make soup, but they all suit their own way. When you calmly do all the things that need to be done, life will naturally give you what should be given to you. At the right time, everything will be given to you. In the new year, let's learn to wait, learn to decompress properly, and learn to relax a little bit.

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