A city of "finding"

A city of "finding"

With the spirit corner, what else are you looking for?

while we confess to our users, we also unexpectedly reap the collective confession of our friends. In addition to gratitude, perhaps what needs to be done now is much more than keeping a corner for the spirit.

people who linger in Douban leave here the parts that are most content with themselves and know how to please themselves, and entertain themselves to banish the thoughts and emotions that they never show in front of others. Because we know from the bottom of our heart that maybe we are the only ones who really understand us. But the wonderful thing is that you and I always enjoy our unique self, while looking forward to the surprise of "it's not just me", the loneliness in our bones, and always looking forward to the same kind.

We don't insist on empathy, but we can't help looking forward to the same taste, especially in a strange city, our inherent loneliness will be magnified to infinity. With fear and temptation, we walk through the scenery and signs of the city, familiar with its smell, food and language, but without exception, never shorten the distance from it. Because we forget that there is no life in the city, all kinds of souls flow in it and become blood, so it has the color of life. Shortening the distance of a city is not to the city, but to people; the so-called sense of belonging is just the smell of familiarity.

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people who love cats naturally expect to find cat slave organizations that love shoveling shit. For adventure lovers, they can fully imagine how happy they were when they first heard of the existence of a ruins exploration team. More or less make you more interested in life, because you can not find the same kind and die on the road of being tamed by loneliness; how many people with common interests pass by in the same city every day. All we need is a thorn, a thorn that pierces the barrier, so that every familiar stranger can be honest with each other.

the thorn of Douban is the gap between the Internet and real life, so that the real self trapped in the virtual network has access to all parts of reality, and no matter how minority and eccentric hobbies are, they can find ideas that fit it, and the exchange of souls is surging, giving the city a breath. When you find that you are connected to every corner of the city, the city has caught your breath, and it has found a sense of belonging in you.

now, # our spiritual Corner # Mini Game the third chapter has been launched, this is a "found" city, all kinds of noses look for the same kind of breath here, that represents the spirit of the bean, waiting for like-minded you.