A confession.

A confession.

Thank you for your attention.

A night when I was supposed to review, I interrupted all my thoughts because of an article by a friend. It was written about me in the article. I was very moved. It turned out that I was like this in the eyes of others. I just want to move, because for you, maybe every word of this article has nothing to do with you, but for me, only I know the meaning.

because of this article, I went to look through my Qzone and saw my diary in high school. I was filled with emotion. All of a sudden I miss them so much. I wonder what happened to them. Why don't we have a reunion during the winter vacation? If you look at my Subscription account.

I just chatted with my high school classmate, and I said, "Why was I so hypocritical at that time?" I feel more and more indifferent as I grow up. "

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she said: "maybe it's because I've been through so many things that I have to be indifferent, but I remember others saying that even if society becomes more and more indifferent, my heart still needs warmth."

I thought about it and typed: "maybe to be a Subscription account is to keep myself warm."

the New year is coming soon, and I want to write a year-end summary. I hope I can move you at that time.

by the way, my friend's nickname is Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, save a bed for winter vacation. I'll sleep at your house.


when I was in high school, I thought I knew my strengths very well. At that time, we only had school and home, the interpersonal circle was very small, we didn't know many people, and the ones who played naturally were the fat kids in our village and our classmates at school. However, fate made us know each other and let us live under the same roof. Our elder used to be my idol. He did well in his studies, but he played well. He is very bold and goes back to try a lot of things, even if he fails. He is lazy and thinks he is lazier than I am, but at the same time, he is diligent. He has his thinking, which is different from ordinary people. He is a good leader and has organized many activities in his class.

but then we separated, and the second year of high school made us no longer live in the same dormitory and no longer teach in the same classroom, even though we were still in the same school. The late-night sleeping party in our former dormitory also disappeared without a trace. By the third year of high school, everyone was busy studying, and he was no exception. I still remember clearly what he said: "if you don't pass the exam, you won't read it!" Of course, when he mentioned this later, of course, he said, "keep a low profile, some things can't come, 2A is good."

University, our basic contact is only comments and likes on Wechat moments. But one day he said he wanted to get a WeChat Subscription account, but I didn't do anything. I didn't encourage him. I didn't even like him, because I thought he was so lazy that he would give up. But I was wrong.

I remember a high school reunion when we were a freshman. On our way to the bar after dinner, he pulled me alone to the back of the crowd and told me that he liked a girl again, which made me flattered and shocked. Because in high school we all have girls we like, and we all pursue them in different ways, and we losers still don't deserve girlfriends. But this time he said the girl liked him. Finally, I can only use the most perfunctory voice to hide my immaturity. "if you think she's good, just get together."

this year, we have all become sophomore brothers, he has been with her, and I have someone worthy of my protection. This semester is destined to be unusual, because we have younger brothers and sisters in our sophomore year, just as an article in his Subscription account said, we began to have sophomore diseases and began to think that we were superior to others. at the same time, it also prompted us to do a lot of things for our freshmen.

recently his Subscription account began to have a qualitative change, began to have a small profit channel, and began to have his unique activities, although he has not yet begun to make a profit, although his activity reward is only a scarf of 100 yuan, this change is very important.

I had been watching, and many times I wanted to talk to him day and night, but then I gave up. I want him to know that I miss him. I want to talk to him about me and her. I want to hear him talk about him and her. The last time I saw them go to Gulangyu, I was very excited. I wanted myself to go, too. I wanted to introduce her to him.

Today is Christmas and the anniversary of our high school. I don't know if that's why I miss you very much.

it's raining outside.

I'm starting to feel like I don't know you.

I have wondered when I can take this beloved woman to travel with you. From today on, I will save 10 yuan a day. I mean it. I hope you can help me fulfill my wish during my last summer vacation.