A little thing that only you know. "Sorry, I still can't forget you."

A little thing that only you know. "Sorry, I still can't forget you."

Don't deny it, the person who comes to mind when you mention this sentence is now known only in your heart.

I have read every one of your moments.

I remember everything you forgot.


Lin broke up, and I saw the photos of her ex-boyfriend disappear instantly in her moments.

Lin loves to post on WeChat moments. She has been with her ex-boyfriend for three years, and the moments are full of pictures of her boyfriend. The two of them went on a trip, ate in the tested restaurant, walked the dog in the park, and all kinds of headshots were put together, which is a special scenery in Lin moments.

We all envy them. It seems that such a happy couple broke up recently. That night, Lin and I posted on Wechat, and she said, "I might break up." As a result, a few minutes later, I saw that one of the photos in her moments had disappeared.

now what has come out of Tencent? "Friends can see 3 photos" and "do not use moments". These simple functions can block memories of the past, making many people seem to find a way to extricate themselves at once. Click on the moments of many friends, only that gray line, blocking all the stories that happened now and 3 days ago.


Lin doesn't lock moments, she locks them herself. She is reluctant to delete it. All the stories of the three years are stored in her circle of friends. She painstakingly opens the photos, locks them in the upper right corner, just like performing some kind of ceremony.

because there are so many photos that her eyes are about to fill her eyes. as she opened the new photos, she burst into tears and said a short and difficult farewell to the past. I looked at one of the missing photos in her circle of friends and suddenly thought of you.

if I hadn't seen you lock our picture, I might still think it's possible between us. For some reason, I always think that if someone is willing to keep a circle of friends about you, then that person must have a place in his heart for you (if he is single).

the circle of friends is very big, there are a lot of people in the address book, and someone will click into your circle of friends every day. If they see something about me when they slide down, will they think we are still connected? Perhaps this is a sad self-consolation, or is it a more tangible proof that I am as lovely in your heart as I was when I first met?


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I don't remember any friend who told me that the happiest thing he felt was to communicate with his loved ones far away in his moments. This method of communication is like sending a status to the person you like, then he will send a corresponding status, and then the other person will respond to an echoing comment.

this kind of going back and forth is like building a small world in which no one else can join in the circle of friends. In this small world, there are only two people ambiguity and tacit understanding.

"at that time, I thought I was very close to him." That's what the friend said.

send pictures about you, about your music, about your status, everything about you, all take root and sprout quietly from my circle of friends, only looking forward to blooming one day. At that time, desperate to know your favorite songs, your favorite movies, and then retweet something about it, looking forward to getting a like and a comment from you.

, how stupid.


what fools can do is to brush the sense of existence in the eyes of the discerning eye, to express themselves vigorously in other people's lives, to express themselves like him, to show that they are from the same world like him, and to show that they are determined to change for him. And such a stupid thing becomes ridiculous at the moment of separation.

I see you locked our photos, locked all the stories we can recall, locked the feelings of the past for so long, sealed them in unknown patterns as if everything was calm and settled.

all the stories can only be missed secretly from now on.

all nostalgia was never mentioned henceforth.

is there someone you can't forget?

Don't deny it.

the person who comes to mind when you mention this sentence,

now only you know.