After I leave, may you be a bad person and not bear a little grievance.

After I leave, may you be a bad person and not bear a little grievance.

May you eat up all the sweets and make all living beings suffer, only your sweet obsession. All the good people are left to others to do, but you concentrate on being the bad guy, so bad that you can't bear even the slightest grievance.


there are always several youth films in cinemas every year, no matter how badly they are shot, but they can't stop people from flocking to recall the feelings left behind the ticket stubs. The person who found the treasure map can regain the ability to be immortal in two hours.

Yes, youth is immortal. It hangs brightly in the wind of the four seasons. Whenever it comes, everything is just right, just like the person we fell in love with in adolescence, who dared not look directly at it, but refused to let go of every detail. Any little connection with him can make you whisper silently in your heart, ah, what a coincidence.

I think every young girl has lived in a teenager's heart. Some of them shed big drops of sweat along their smiling faces at the moment of shooting on the playground; some of them squint to copy the key points on the blackboard, the sun outside the window mottled the light and shadow of the bangs in front of the forehead, and the boundary between light and darkness was just on the other side of the nose. Some of them crouched at the school gate with their heads down, pulling out a strange arc at the corners of their mouths, pinching the fingers of the cans to highlight the good-looking joints, and this picture brightened up with the world in front of you unexpectedly.

No matter how bleak the autumn wind will blow to our future life, but in all the midsummer, I will think of every teenager with the word Yong on his chest when he comes out of the school gate.

Hey, Junior Lang, I like the extravagance of you before climbing mountains and mountains and wading through the mud; I like your ignorance and romance before you bear the burden on your shoulders; I like your sincere belief at your age that you will never change, that there will be immutability; I like your impassioned guidance that the whole world seems to be conquered by yourself in the future. I like it when people scold you and hurt you because you are so bad that you are nothing like the stereotyped faces in office elevators.


In our tea length mother of the bride dresses, you will define elegance and chic. If you have any questions, our fantastic customer service is ready for you.

I like you, the last mouthful of Mein mein ice in summer, frozen time, arbitrary refusal, straight forward, as if you are the protagonist in all the movies, is the angry tear in every rock music. Your appearance is vivid, and your name is always "unforgettable".  

I like you. In fact, I am the one who hasn't grown up yet. I always think that sooner or later, I will win back the whole world from the people I hate, and then save the best of myself from the world I hate.

remember that on my 19th birthday, I fell into the Tuojiang River in the ancient town, and all the people around me stopped to watch, but I was not embarrassed. I just laughed like a fool and threw the phone soaked in my bag into your arms and said we should change. It was not the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but it was also a full moon. You carried me across the bridge and walked a long street. I asked you if I was heavy, and you said why don't we change it. I tilted my head and looked at you, and you smiled so happily.

or think back to when we were 18 years old, we sat by the side of the road drinking beer, looking at the long-legged chicks coming head-on. You raised your eyebrows and whistled and asked me which was better. I said no one is as good as me. You smiled, jumped high, pulled down a handful of leaves from the tree, scattered them in mid-air, and shouted to me, "Hi, 12:00, happy birthday."

on a summer night when I was 17 years old, my friends and I snuck into the school circle for the summer vacation, crept into the senior teaching building, found your classroom, your seat, and took away the school uniform that you would never wear. But I didn't expect to bump into you who didn't know why I went back to school when I walked out of the hallway. I hurriedly hid my school uniform behind me and looked at you and dared not say a word. My friend pulled me away, and in the footsteps running to the playground, I heard your head sticking out from upstairs and shouting, "Don't run, happy birthday."

so I can't remember how I stumbled all the way to the gate of youth stories. Now I occasionally look back with drunkenness to see the long hair of girls and the bad jokes of young men at that time. They came up to me one by one, with tears in their eyes and a smile in their eyes.


in fact, we all know in our hearts that when the clock strikes 12:00, the crystal shoes on our feet will remain in the castle of time like youth. I missed it when I passed by, but at the last moment when the gate of the castle was slowly closed, I raised my glass to all the guests. Thank you all for coming.

the line about the good times is filled with every name in your memory.

in those years, we shed more tears than we drank, and we loved more heroes than we do now. there are many dreams, many obsessions, many affectionate troubles, and many words from the heart. It's always easy to get together and talk about us, but when we become adults, we often have more silence after opening our mouths.

I know I'm going to grow old, but I don't want to give up my position so soon. Can I still hold on to a girl's heart, even if I still have nothing at the age of 80, just like myself who had nothing at the age of 20? use a full mood to be lovely and unreasonable and never polite to life.

as for my dear you, may you then forget all the tricks you need to struggle, don't care about the world, abandon the world ruthlessly, and not be abandoned by anyone.

May you eat all the sweets and make all beings suffer, only your sweet obsession. All the good people are left to others to do, but you concentrate on being the bad guy, so bad that you can't bear even the slightest grievance.

We will grow old, we will die, we will lose consciousness, we will not be able to hold on to all the good memories, and youth will not really last forever.But don't worry, don't be afraid.


Wang Shuo said a very remarkable sentence: "this is like guarding the position of Laoshan. It can hold glory, it cannot hold it, and it is also glorious."

such a good blue sea and blue sky, we are melted in every glory by time,

is a good enough thing.