All the things I want you to know are hidden in the music of my moments.

All the things I want you to know are hidden in the music of my moments.

Did you hear that, my restless heart.


A few days ago, I uploaded my works on the singing bar in NetEase Yun Music on a whim and handed in an application form for a musician.

was originally just a casual click when I was bored, but I didn't expect to pass it the next day. My profile picture was also posted on a NetEYun music logo, and then I began to add fans one after another, including friends I know and strangers from all over the world.

to be honest, I was excited at first, but I still felt a little worried when I was excited.

before that, I was a user with zero movements, zero followers, and zero followers, and I hardly revealed my ID to anyone else.

Choosing our collection of two piece long dresses might just be the best decision you have ever made. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

just like in "Begin Again", the male host shares a song he wrote with the hostess, and the female host hears that he is having an affair. It is not bloodthirsty at all.

they share more indescribable stories than songs.


the day before yesterday, I saw my friend Ai post a song called Mercury at the top of Guo, which seemed to reveal his unhappiness. I clicked on the right with her. A dialog box, I wanted to talk to her and care about her by the way, but in the end, I chose to return silently and said nothing.

because one of the lyrics of that song is: "the person who is close but can't get close is also waiting to meet you."

although I understand Xiao Ai's feelings, it is obvious that I am not the one she wants to wait for, so my concern and greetings will not mean much to her, and she will not care about the number of likes and messages below. What she cares about is whether that person will hear the song and whether she can hear her inner voice-" I am very unhappy, I need you ".

this is a song for confession, but she doesn't even dare to match the words or even play screenshots of the lyrics, so she has to secretly press the share button in the wee hours of the morning and then begins to wonder if the other person can feel her heart.

when the sun comes up the next day, I have to delete last night's music secretly, pretending to be "I'm strong, I don't need you". I look really tired.

does not tell you directly, and it is often a very contradictory act to hide your thoughts in music and send them to your moments. This contradiction reminds me of a sentence: "at the beginning, you were my secret. I was afraid that you knew, and I was afraid you didn't know. I was afraid that you knew, but pretended not to know."

I told the eel whale about this. After hearing this, she told me that it was right to mind my own business.

she said, "We all have masochistic tendencies, don't we?"


I have asked many friends around me: "when you see someone sharing a song moments, will you click in to listen?"

almost everyone gave me the answer "no".

consumes both power and flow, and it is troublesome to find a headphone cable when it is inconvenient to play.

what's more, if you just want to listen to music, people would have ordered their playlists.

but if I change the question to: "if you see good friends sharing songs in moments, will you listen?"

the number of people saying "yes" instantly increased. I calculated that of the 23 people who replied to me, 21 were "yes".

one of them said: "because I know better than anyone unless deliberately reminded, that person will never click on the song I share." It does make people feel very sad, but I am still willing to share because my good friends can share the same mood with me through those ups and downs. They don't have to come to comfort me, just stay with me for a few minutes through music.

by the same token, I also listen to their songs and click like to tell them: it's okay, I'm here. "

sharing music to your moments is also a kind of waiting for" being cared about "and waiting for someone who cares about you.

even if most people don't click on it, we still hold those hopes and wait for the one who cares about us, the one who takes the trouble to get to know us, and then they stop browsing their moments to see through the things they want to talk about but don't want to say.

but very often things go against our wishes. Maybe we waited three days and nights for that person to stay for himself.

maybe, as you might think, people don't care about you at all, let alone what you send. Or, they just can't find the time to share their feelings, even if the song is only more than three minutes old.

but maybe it's just because they don't like listening to music, or because they are naturally stupid in this respect.