Although you have come into other people's lives, I still like you.

Although you have come into other people's lives, I still like you.

Some people are used to having a little expectation of a relationship that has passed away, so they stay single all the time, hoping that maybe one day in the future, two people can still be together.

do you know what is the worst failure in a relationship?

I have thought about many answers: do you like someone but not be liked by him, or do you have to break up with your lover, or do you have to go further and further in a long-distance relationship? For me, the biggest failure in the relationship is that the other person has already buried the memories of you in his heart, but you still think about him all the time.

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DD broke up with her ex-boyfriend for some time, and neither of them broke up because it was a peaceful breakup. The place is so big that DD and he always meet on certain occasions, and over time, they get used to nodding their heads and saying hello when they meet. DD's ex-boyfriend is very handsome, so there is no shortage of new girls around. DD saw him and the new girls eating and drinking together and didn't say anything, but would quietly inquire about their relationship.

DD told us that he let it go a long time ago, after all, it has been a long time, longer than being together. While fiddling with the spoon in front of her, she smiled and said to us, "wouldn't it be silly if you didn't put him down for so long?"

and we all believe this sentence.

on a friend's birthday, everyone had a good time. When cutting the cake, the birthday boy made a wish, and the friends jokingly asked the birthday boy to say a wish. The birthday boy smiled and said, "you see, you are all in love, so I hope I can fall in love earlier." DD jokingly said, "isn't that who's still alone?" The birthday boy didn't think much about it and said, "I've been looking for it a long time ago. I've been talking for a long time."

the one DD talked about is naturally her ex-boyfriend. When she thought they were both alone and enjoying their single days, the other person had already entered a new life. DD stood there and waited until the birthday boy had finished dividing the cake and everyone began to eat it.

that night, she threw up for the first time.

some people are used to expecting a little bit of a relationship that has passed away, so they stay single all the time, hoping that maybe one day in the future, two people can still be together. This expectation is how remote and sad, because such feelings from the beginning are unfair, if appropriate, if in love, why was it separated in the first place?

I still like you. If you say this sentence, you have already lost half of it.

I don't know if you have ever had such an experience. There are many suitors around you, and there are some who are suitable, but I always feel that I don't like it. It is not that others are not worthy of themselves, but that they do not have a tacit understanding, and their hearts are racing.

there is a place in my heart that is always reserved for a special person. In the past, I liked a person and liked the feeling of being with him very much, but we were no longer together. But I always think that we may meet again and fall in love again, so I always refuse to be nice and shut out other boys.

my friends all said that it was impossible for us, so let me not be so hopeless. But I don't know why. At that time, I felt that the fate of the two people had not been broken, and there was still a chance. In retrospect, I think I was really sad and pitiful at that time.

if he cherishes me and loves me, how can he be willing to leave me?

the truth that I didn't think through at that time gradually became a common thing with time. Lost people are lost, a lot of things do not need to be mentioned, the future is not as beautiful as we think, and life is not always like a full moon in TV series.

up to now, you are still my reason for rejecting others, although I know that I don't believe this reason. I have given up a long time ago. Maybe I can hear from you one day and say "miss you so much" to me.

the matter of affection is simple and simple, it is not easy to say it is not simple, as if it was yesterday when we were together, and those gentle words and intimate names are still ringing in our ears, but in the twinkling of an eye, he has already walked into other people's lives. I know he's in love with someone else, but I don't deny it. I still like him.

I still like you, and I still dare to say so, at least for this moment.