Am I never going to be the person I want to be?

Am I never going to be the person I want to be?

Money is not so easy to earn, but very easy to spend, open all kinds of borrowing, tightening to calculate how much we spent on fruit today, it seems that we can finally understand a little bit of the hard work of our parents.

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Si invited me to dinner the other day. We chose Starbucks near her house. When she sat down, she looked anxious. She asked me about a friend's company and asked me to introduce it to her in a roundabout way.

in college, Si Si is a famous high achiever in the circle, with a GPA of more than 3.8 for each course. I have seen her notebook, which is carefully sorted and chic. When I graduated, I spent half a month preparing my resume, which is also very beautiful.

it's just that she's still anxious.

she told me that there was no reason for this anxiety. Because she didn't want to rely on her family's resources, she refused her parents to find good institutions for her. She found companies, resumes, and relationships on her own, and several good companies offered olive branches. It's just that one day when I was refreshing my email, Si was suddenly confused: is this the life I want?

there are many people around me. Like Si Si, a strong and hard-working friend, who has just graduated and is full of enthusiasm and longing for the future, always feels that he is "gifted" and can do a great job. But when I stepped into society, I suddenly began to doubt, am I the kind of person I imagined? Can I realize my ambition? Can I succeed?

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the pressure on people in society is too great for those of us who have just come out of the ivory tower to imagine. When I was a student, I only spent time reading books, preparing for exams, preparing papers, getting satisfactory grades, and the standard of successful graduation. after leaving the Garden of Eden, you will find that there are no fixed standards in this world.

the upperclassman, who used to think about "doing something big," updated one in his moments more than two years after graduation: "strong> tired. It is an extravagant hope to get a good night's sleep and have a good meal every day."

this is the anxiety of our generation: House prices, wages, marriage, jobs. This is also the anxiety of every generation. Some people say that this is not only the best of times but also the worst of times. New things are constantly growing and iterating, and everyone wants to grab a windfall, preferably to get rich overnight.

Cindy told me a few months ago that a live broadcast platform came to her and wanted to sign her. Cindy is very beautiful, has a good figure, can dress up, and can be regarded as a little celebrity on the Internet. She pointed to the multimillion-dollar Vs on her phone and said, "they said it wouldn't take months to package me like this."

she told me that the more fans, the more income she earns, and many girls in the same industry earn millions of dollars a year at a young age. As she said this, Cindy's eyes sparkled, as if she would soon be a member of the million-a-year group.

I asked her, is it so easy to make money in this business?

she smiles easily.

I ran into Cindy these days and wanted to ask her about her goal of making $1 million a year. She sighed and said, "Don't ask." I do not know how many profiteering industries are attracting, young, and looking forward to the eyes, I do not know how much bright life is eroding the vibrant dream.

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the world is not as simple as we thought.

before graduation, I was asked by adults what kind of work I would like to do in the future. I always feel that there are a lot of answers, a lot of opportunities, and a lot of resources outside, smiling and waving to us. But when we walked towards them with anticipation, we found that they were not smiling at all, but looked at us coldly, and put all the marked prices in front of us, as if to say to us: young people, don't get ahead of yourself.

money is not so easy to earn, but it is very easy to spend. With all kinds of borrowing, we seem to be able to understand a little bit of our parents' hard work by calculating how much we spent on fruit today.

one night, a terrible question flashed through my mind: am I never going to be the kind of person I most want to be?

I'm afraid I think the world is too simple, I'm afraid my dreams are just words, I'm afraid that everyone and everything will leave me, and I end up standing alone in the corner, holding my past expectations for the future, watching the future pass before my eyes.

an aunt once told me:

after entering society, I found that life is not easy.

I didn't understand at that time, so I asked her:

then why not try to make life easier?

she smiled and replied: not easy is not a choice, but it is not a bad thing.

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