As long as there is childlike innocence, there is a paradise everywhere.

As long as there is childlike innocence, there is a paradise everywhere.

I hope we can talk well and dream well: there are naive children living in our hearts, but become an adult who is mature and kind-hearted and considerate in speaking.


watching Jiang Sida update Weibo two days ago,

said he would broadcast live the visit of Shanghai Disneyland with Ali Travel.

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then I looked forward at the photo he sent with Xiao Fanghui and them a year ago, and sighed that time passed so quickly.

Jiang Sida is my next junior, but our meeting was not at school, but in a cafe in Sanlitun. At that time, I was a senior, and now I have graduated for a year.

at that time, I was interviewing another contestant to audition, we were talking about some debate questions, and then that person was also introducing himself. For a long time, Sida was waiting silently. Towards the end, Starr asked me, listening to you talking about some debate topics, it should be a strange interview, right, I said yes, and then I arranged for another girl to pick up Starr. See you later, Starr, who has already been a debater in the first season.


at that time he had long hair in the middle and slightly curled, and he felt like a hundred Flowers Knight in Game of Thrones.

speak slowly, but the organization is so clear that he is a debater at a glance.

seeing him again since then has been on screen, and as he has grown up season after season, Weibo has gone from zero chatter to Weibo hot search now. Some people are born to be brilliant. That's who he is.

I watched the live broadcast of him and Ali traveling at Disneyland in Shanghai the day before yesterday. His charm made him gain more and more things. Although his hairstyle and costume have changed, I remember seeing him for the first time with a few words at the head. There are mistakes, no grievances, no regrets.

Ali Travel, who is the most playful, and Jiang Sida, who is the best speaker,

as long as you listen to his leisurely speech, you will be very comfortable.


sometimes it's important to be able to talk.

I saw a person the other day. She is a friend of mine. She is very nice, but she just doesn't speak well.

she often does something thankless, doing a lot and giving a lot, but always because of a bad temper, hysterically doing something that makes others particularly disgusted, or because a word offends others, it makes others particularly uncomfortable.

A lot of people say to themselves, "I speak so bluntly", which shows that he is simple and heartless.

in fact, I don't quite understand that the art of speaking does not lie in your hypocritical expression, but in changing your tone and wording so that others can listen to you and think that you are cultured and can take care of other people's emotions. blindly speaking bluntly will only make others stay away from you, regardless of age.

look at how these lovely passengers can make themselves and others happy at once:

Ali Travel is the closest travel platform for young people.

he knows what young people want. can also tell us how to make ourselves and others happy: the place with childlike innocence is paradise.