Beauty is a kind of power that can make people look up.

Beauty is a kind of power that can make people look up.


whenever I hear someone tell me, you are beautiful again.

I feel like

went on a trip after a day's work.

nbsp; & TV programs   I remember watching a Reality Show TV show when I was just in college.

I don't remember the exact name, but I remember the meaning of the content until now.

probably teaches you how to be beautiful, learn to make up, and learn to dress.

A girl from the countryside came to Beijing to look for a job for the first time.

because of her rustic clothes and no make-up, she was turned away from a lot of jobs.

she has never felt so frustrated, because "Beauty is a threshold" .

in an interview with Reality Show, she told reporters.

"I also have self-esteem. Every time I look for a job, it makes me have less self-esteem."

this Reality Show interview touched me a lot.

because she has a girlfriend around her, she likes a boy, but the boy likes another girl. The girl is not ugly, but she doesn't like to dress up or wear makeup, but she always gives people a sense of self-abandonment.

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to tell you the truth, everyone likes people who are sunnier. At the moment, beauty comes not only from appearance, but also from the inside out.

then she asked me, the more, do you think I look good?

I said it looks good, you are very beautiful.

she said why he didn't like me.

it seems that girls who are confused by love like to ask this question.

I told her that you are very beautiful, which is a good foundation given to you by your parents. your beauty is not to please anyone. your beauty is to make you confident, walk with your head held high and say, "I'm the most beautiful little bitch in the world." Don't give yourself up for the sake of anyone. your beauty should be used to please yourself .

Beauty makes a person confident.

Beauty is a kind of strength that can make a person look up.

Beauty is also a commitment to yourself.

have a job and hug a lover.

Beauty is not only about the external, but also about the inner driving force.

comes out of the cocoon and gives birth to change.


next I'll tell you about some touching girls who are self-reliant and self-reliant:  

she is 21 years old, an ordinary peasant girl who has never walked out of the mountains.

Beauty finally let her go out of the mountains and touch the bigger world.

she, 24, once gave up her job for her family.

she returned to the county and became a "left-behind woman".

Beauty, let her start all over again.

pick up the makeup pen and find another way of life.

she, 33, her misfortune pushed the single mother to the bottom of her life.

Beauty made her blossom out of the dust.

the desire for a better life has gone from extravagant hope to reality.

her skill has made her "counterattack".

after seeing this video, what I remember most is their message:

"the predicament of life cannot be avoided and chosen, and

thorns and shackles will make this effort more unforgettable.

hold your head high in the darkest hour,

try to change. "