Before we fall in love, we are all strangers.

Before we fall in love, we are all strangers.


at that time, my friends recommended I watch their documentary.

so we watched the documentary over takeout every day.

Why does it make people feel the same way?

when asked why we like someone, we always hear the phrase

"he knows me so well that he can understand what I'm trying to say with one look."

you can read each other with one look.

it can be seen that if two people have a tacit understanding, the silence every day is a silent dialogue.

language is a condition for falling in love.

you can tell each other a lot of love words:

"I love you so much", "I love you", "you have beautiful eyes", "you smell so good", "I'm fascinated by you", "I'll be by your side", "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

there are many love words, and sometimes love words are also a kind of lie.

lies are beautiful, easy to believe and make people stumble.

We love someone and there is no sound.

I dream about the person I love in my dream, and there is never a conversation.

because they are so unforgettable, I can no longer use words to describe how I miss them.

language is affectionate and powerless.   

can be packaged, like ordinary water with white sugar, crowned with honey.

some can quench thirst, while others are greasy.

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when you want to know someone, you will find that language is the most vulnerable thing.

when Gu Cheng met Xie Ye on the first train, the whole process was very quiet. He wrote on the paper:

"someone else occupied your seat, you didn't speak, just stood next to me. I suddenly became strange. Maybe I wanted to stand up, but I stood up and sat down again. I began to feel you, the tiny hair fluttering on the back of your neck. I took out my pen for drawing. I drew everyone around you, but not you. I think you are so bright that my eyes can't stay. "

I have hands, but I don't know how to touch you.

I have a pen, but I don't know how to draw you.

I have a heart, but I don't know how to love you.

if there is no language, I wonder if you can still be attracted to me.

I have a camera and a pair of eyes;

I have a pen and a heart that wants to soak you;

I have a glass of wine and a reserve that likes you but doesn't want to take advantage of your danger;

I have a guitar and the comfort of not talking or embarrassing with you;

I have a paintbrush, and I will return it in front of you.

I have thousands of sweet lies.

I just quietly show you the unobscure truth at the sight of you.

Chen Xi wrote in letting life and death go on that she dreamed that she and Shi Tiesheng were in the same room, and that, as usual, they had the atmosphere of home life. They did not talk and did their things, but they understood each other's intentions and trusted each other.

there is no language, so there is no need for embellishments. Instead, you can show who you are.

the highest state of a loved one is quiet companionship and silent presence when needed.

before the heartbeats, we are all strangers.

build true trust when you don't know each other.

I previously recommended a video of strangers trying to kiss each other, but later I heard that two people fell in love with one kiss. And the experimental short film I saw recently once again accurately hit the sensitive part of my heart:

if you and a stranger can't talk to each other for an hour to get to know each other, how would you express your emotions and feelings? Do you want to turn on your phone and write a text message, or do you clumsily use sign language?

creates a pure white space in this short film called  Silent Talk, where language interference is completely removed. Twenty strangers, in pairs, try to get to know each other. Under the flashing light, people change from embarrassment to familiarity, from shyness to warmth, and all this is shown in the camera as it is. This is the second experiment planned by  Emotion Lab, and last time they also spent an hour trying to make a little difference in the face-looking world. Sometimes I think that maybe the experiment itself doesn't give us a hint, it's just that people are used to camouflage and concealment, so they fall into contemplation when they are touched.

A house, leaving the buildings, moves alone in the air.

the blue street, swimming below.

We sit on the floor, and we like it very much.

We look at each other, and we like to watch.