Being alone doesn't mean being alone.

Being alone doesn't mean being alone.

I've been here, and I've experienced someone, and maybe I can redefine loneliness.

A person walks through the scenery,

has dinner alone,

I have been to this place, and I have experienced someone who

or maybe able to redefine the meaning of loneliness.


some time ago, he asked on moments if he wanted to go to Thailand, raise his hand. The next day, I saw him buy a ticket to Thailand, no one went, worried too much, procrastination can not go, just himself. He packed his bags, changed the Thai baht, and left as soon as he left. I don't know how many times he has been to Bangkok. Visa on arrival is convenient, but every time he goes there, he has a different feeling. I have been to Chiang Mai Baixian before, and I have the same feelings as him, and I prefer Bangkok.

the interesting thing about Thailand is that you will feel different when you go to Thailand for the second time and the third time. The premise is that you eat and live locally, otherwise your impression of Thailand will always stay in the shemale show. Just like going to Beijing to try living in hutongs, going to Shanghai to try lanes, going to Japan to try tatami, and going to Europe to live in an old villa, you can feel the local culture, all about food and accommodation.


eating and living is a ritual full of a sense of security. Yes, it is indeed a ritual.

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We experience it every day, but do we plan the ceremony properly?

I watched a video shot by Airbnb and one person yesterday.

I feel very deeply. They convey a concept called  "to travel, to live."

living like a local makes me feel worthwhile.

Fashion stylist Locke,

stayed with landlord Pariya while traveling in Thailand.

Pariya taught her to cook the most authentic Thai food, a "home-cooked dish" often eaten by Thais themselves.

as at home, Locke sleeps until he wakes up naturally every day.

after the landlord prepared breakfast,

took the Chinese girl to visit the mysterious flower market.

go to the very local vegetable market to buy fresh local ingredients,

then go home in a boat and enjoy the scenery along the river.

I found the link and sent it to you. After watching it, you will understand what the meaning of travel and life is.

I don't know when, when a person embarks on an unknown journey, what he thinks is surprise or fear.

I don't know when, when I am alone on a journey with a certain one, do I remember it or let it go?

maybe when we live in the homes of local people, integrate into local life, and go shopping with them as an independent individuals, go home to cook, and live a life in a foreign country,  may only discover at that time that when we are with someone in our memory, we can't see the characteristics of this country so clearly, because we only remember to "come with him," but we don't remember. What this trip brought to me in terms of customs and customs.


this video of Airbnb working with one human food, walking through the city of Bangkok, sees a familiar smell in the video.

the seasoning mentioned in the video does not taste like that after returning home, only locally.

I remember going to the Zaducha market in Bangkok at the weekend, I ate a bowl of curry fans sold by Thai locals on their doorstep. When I returned home, I bought all kinds of spices according to the tutorial, but I couldn't make the taste of that bowl of soup. When you go to a place, you have to live like the local people, and you may be able to feel the feedback from the various sensory organs of your body: I've been here.

at that time, I was living in Airbnb's house with my friends. I woke up naturally every day and didn't care about running. At the same time, it is found that many foreigners also have the same rhythm.

I don't know if you have ever tried to travel alone. I haven't yet, but I will try next. The journey of going alone and coming back to meet a lot of friends may be more wonderful. If you have been there, you can understand it, and when you come back, you will feel that you have been somewhere. It is a more profound memory and it is a worthwhile trip.

if you take a quick look at the flowers, the scenery in the world is actually on the way, and it's no different. Taking a picture in front of the Grand Palace doesn't prove that you've really been here, that the architecture can be copied, and the scenery can be copied, but living locally and blending into the market is the feeling and meaning that can't be replicated. One person to eat, one person to walk, is not alone, experience the beauty of independence, maybe to go to the vegetable market with the landlord to buy food to make some local specialties, maybe like the local people to live a day of local life.  I've been there to blend in, and I'm not alone.