Born as a human being, I really want to be recognized by everyone.

Born as a human being, I really want to be recognized by everyone.


wait, wait.

this is also a kind of affection.

when we were young, of course, we were not very small.

is probably what it looks like in junior high school.

I don't know if you have ever done such a thing,

is a very lovely thing.

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every year on Christmas Eve on December 24, I raise crowdfunding with my classmates to buy an apple.

at that time, an apple at the school gate was sold for 2.40 yuan, and

it was wrapped in shiny plastic paper.

all we have to do is find classmates, a total of 24 people,

each person to pay ten cents, 24 people can buy this apple for ten cents each.

this apple will have magical powers.

will bring you good luck in the new year.

I remember that I was particularly keen on this kind of activity that we all went to together at that time.

especially at the last dime,

everyone would find a boy or girl they like (and talk to them by the way).

after getting it together, I feel like I'm waltzing in space.

seems to have accomplished a huge mission that will immediately save the whole universe.

later, the merchants at the door unexpectedly put up such a slogan:

"collect 2.40 yuan and send Apple to express their love." An event like this.

now I think it's very cute.

that was my favorite advertisement at that time,

as if many people have been waiting for such an opportunity all year long,

has turned Christmas into Valentine's Day.

later, I was particularly keen on this kind of crowdfunding campaign.

I also did this kind of crowdfunding campaign before taking pictures.

even the studio rented from our school is crowdfunded by everyone.

I find that I like to have a wonderful connection with the world.

We don't know each other, but we can work together for one thing.

maybe this is a sense of self-social existence.

agree with each other on the principle of one thing,

to create what you want.

and every time, what you have created will be loved by everyone.

I feel that I am down-to-earth in this sea of people, and it is not unvalued.

one thing I remember clearly is when I was in high school.

at that time, the environment told everyone that in such a tense atmosphere of college entrance examination, there was no way out 

to study art.

but I was very fond of writing at that time, and

always took part in all kinds of composition competitions.

also likes to shoot things,

take my uncle's old film machine and fool card machine,

adjust the color with light and shadow magic hands after shooting.

although looking back now, it looks like a LOW LOW, at that time I felt that I had filmed the old Japanese system.

my headteacher talked to me and asked me to study art.

this was a very bold decision at that time, but later,

I thought it was the right thing I could do in Shandong Province, where I had failed in the college entrance examination.

because what I write is recognized and encouraged by the teacher,

A correct mentor or partner's approval,

will play a very important turning point in a person's life.

I care about what other people think, although all kinds of chicken soup jokes tell us that

Don't care about what other people think, it's all bullshit.

no one doesn't wants to be affirmed by others. This is a sense of social existence that is born as a human being.

sometimes, you need to listen to the opinions of others, no matter they are pertinent or extreme.

it is always wrong to insist on having your way. There is no harm in listening to opinions and making your own decisions.

I care about other people's opinions very much.

but I will not be swayed by other people's opinions.

I just rationally take all kinds of opinions as a reference option.

decisions should be made by myself, not indecisive.

if you don't try, how do you know if you can be sure?

with so many people in the world,

everyone wants to be cared about and recognized.

will not disappear in the vast sea of people for a lifetime.

if I can create my opportunities for others to see me,

I will not give up any manifestation of my self-worth.

I will not give up any manifestation of my self-worth.

if you don't try some new things and games when you are young,

when you are old, you can play with them as if you have no memories.

go impatient and do something different from others. West,

so that you are unique and unsinkable by time.

in this way, you are the special you.